Singapore, here we come!

  1. Hej Ladies,
    I have decided to take a nice holiday and visit Singapore in March!
    I would like to ask you lovely ladies for recommendation on:
    -great hotels
    -places to visit, etc...
    i am planning to be there 10 days...
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Wah! Lucky you!!! Have fun in Singapore!! There're lots of things to see and do there. I'm sure the SG ladies on this forum can give you great suggestions.:yes:

    Btw, the Hermes at Liat Tower has a craftsman there. He's got niiice eyes.
  3. missmarbella, welcome to SG!

    10 days is alot for SG. If you would like to provide more information, all of us tPFers here can suggest the best ways to make it fun and worthwhile for you.

    - travelling alone? With family? Kids involved?
    - hotels or serviced apartments? (I know you did state hotels)
    - What is more important? Shopping or visiting tourist attractions
    - Is a beach vacation on the cards? Or completely a urban experience?
    - would you be interested to take a short trip to Bali or Phuket?
  4. MrsSparkles,thanks in advance for your time and efforts!
    As we had a lots of stress lately, we would like to join a truly rejuvenating holiday at this time!!!!

    Here are my answers:
    - travelling alone? With family? Kids involved?-With my Hubby
    - hotels or serviced apartments? (I know you did state hotels)-i prefer hotel,i even thought maybe 2 hotels in different locations(5-5 days)
    - What is more important? Shopping or visiting tourist attractions
    - Is a beach vacation on the cards? Or completely a urban experience?
    -Both(therefore maybe the 2 diff hotels)
    - would you be interested to take a short trip to Bali or Phuket?
    As we have been already on both places,now we concentrate on 'Singapore Pure':smile:
  5. mismarbella, for a rejuvnating holiday ... then it's very obvious you need to check yourselves into hotels that have spa services at your convenience

    Off hand, that'll be the following:-
    - The Ritz Carlton The Ritz-Carlton, Singapore - A Singapore Luxury Hotel
    - Goodwood Park Hotel Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore & Welcome to SpaCare International
    - The Raffles Hotel Singapore Hotel: Raffles Hotel Singapore Official Site, Luxury Hotel in Singapore

    Spend some quiet time in Sentosa, a little tourist island away from Singapore, which is accessible by cabs, buses, monorail, cable car. Here's the official map for Sentosa. Welcome to Sentosa

    The hotel that I recommend is The Sentosa Resort and Spa (favourite hotel on Sentosa for tourist couples w/o kids) The Sentosa, Singapore, A Beaufort Hotel

    My 2 hot favourite websites that I constantly refer to for recommendations are listed below. Every week or two (no kidding), there will be new restaurant openings. You can never be short of places to wine and dine.

    AsiaOne Wine, Dine & Unwind
    Chubby Hubby This is a blog from SG's most famous foodie. You get to know alot from one person's review.

    My personal favourites (not just quality of food but the whole dining experience is important) are the following:-
    a) For lunch Marmalade Pantry marmalade pantry
    b) For dinner Graze at Rochester Park Uniquely Singapore - Rochester Park
    (Try g r a z e but I think the site is down)
    c) For lunch/dinner Bar & Billard Room (Raffles Hotel) Singapore Hotel Bars: Raffles Hotel Singapore Bar and Billiard Room
    d) Halia Restaurant at Singapore Botanical Gardens Halia Restaurant - by Day
    e) Blu at Shangri-La Hotel Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore BLU
    f) The Line (one of my 2 favourite buffet restaurants) Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore The Line
    g) Sunday Champagne Brunch at The Grand Hyatt > Mezza9 (free flow of champagne) Singapore Restaurants: mezza9, Grand Hyatt Singapore, Singapore
    h) il Lido (in Sentosa) il Lido Website
    i) Crystal Jade Golden Palace at The Paragon. There is no company website, but I found this for you. Food & Entertaining : Great Reviews
    j) If you would like to try dim sum, without the poshness to spoil your appetite, I recommend Yum Cha Restaurant in Chinatown. Welcome to Yum Cha Restaurant - Taste The Heart of Chinatown. I go there every weekend for my dim sum fix. The good quality and wide variety of dim sum is simply mind boggling!
    k) Alternative dim sum/Cantonese cuisine is Lei Garden at Chijmes. (I cannot locate a good site for you to refer to, but if you google for it, I am sure you will get some information)

    I hope these recommendations help to give you a better idea of what you want (or don't want), and hopefully, other tPFers can also help out here.

    I'll post again for tourist attractions. :p
  6. That I TOTALLY AGREE!!!:yes: :nuts:
  7. There are 3 Hermes stores here.

    Hermes Liat Towers (this is the main one).
    541 Orchard Road Tel:65-6738 9807
    In the same building is Zara.
    There are 10 of them. Recommended SA - Susan, Anna, Yok Yin

    Hermes Ngee Ann City (right in the middle of Orchard Road, which is our main shopping belt)
    391 Orchard Road Unit 02-02 Tel: 65-6735 5228
    Recommended SA - Cindy, Sally

    Hermes DFS (this is the one opposite Goodwood Park Hotel)
    Sorry, I am not familiar with this store at all
  8. MrsS : I :heart: chubby hubby :p
    Here are the list of items/to-do list I always give to my overseas friends when they visit:

    Food to try:
    1. Chilli/ Pepper Crab
    2. Hainanese Chicken Rice
    3. Satay
    4. Roti Prata - Indian pancake
    5. Teh Tarik - gotta see the Man "pull the tea"..
    6. Small cup local coffee & Kaya Toast
    7. Singapore Sling @ Raffles Hotel!

    Places to visit:
    1. Singapore Zoo
    - Night Safari is really good.
    - It's one of the nicest "open-concept" Zoos around..
    Some reviews from virtual tourist.

    2. Singapore Orchid Garden
    - they have a cafe facing the beautiful orchid gardens, go in the day when there is sunlight to see the greenery - I won't recommend the food, just go for drinks and small bites.

    3. Sentosa Island
    Here's their website.. there are a bunch of attractions...

    4. Vivocity for shopping! Our First Mega Mall!!!!
    This mall is right next to the Ferry terminal that goes to Sentosa. I only been there once the Food court is pretty nice... I get so lost inside.. I can't decide which food I want :p

    5. Orchard Road - shopping district.
    Three of the H stores are within walking distance.. kind of .. :p

    6. Esplanade Theatre
    It has a shop that offers chocolate drinks - RICH Chocolate, when I need sinful deserts.. that's where I go to... just like Spanish Choco latte. (but this is sweeter). I like the Glutton Bay, it's the street food court, where a variety of food is being offered. You can get FAB Satays here! :drool:

    Virtutal Tourist's reviews

    7. Fullerton Hotel
    - this was once our post office, now converted to a 5* hotel.
    Beautiful view from the Esplanade looking across the Singapore River.

    Ohh I need to run out, have Vet's appointment - found larvae in my pets drinking fountain :shock: I hope they will be fine... gotta deworm all my babies.

    But, FOOD & Shopping plays a big part in a Singaporean Life... :shame: We plan things around food... hehehe
  9. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore: About The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Oh yes, The Fullerton Hotel. It has a spa in the hotel as well. I had my wedding reception there when the hotel was brand new. :shame:
  10. MrsSparkles & PrincessFrog you are amazing!!!!!!
    Thank you for the great listing!
    Today i will check all the infos and book flights, hotels etc...
    I will be there from the 16-26th of march.
    If you have some time would be delighted to meet with you!

    By the way,most important question:smile:
    Which H bag should i bring???
    (35 Birkin, 36HAC, 35 Trim, Christine, GP, Picotin MM)
  11. Oh, i forgot MissBolide!!!
  12. MissM: I would love a Trim/Bolide for sightseeing and shopping - need those hands free to grab stuff :nuts: -- btw how many bags you intend to bring??

    Mrs S:I love the swimming pool at Fullerton :love: We almost had our wedding dinner there but we managed to "get out" of having chinese wedding dinners and had a church reception and a small gathering of friends at a French rest instead.
  13. oh.. rdg that French Rest, it is abit out of the way.. but DH and I like Le Saisons it's quiet and nice ambience. I also like Mag's Wine Kitchen. There are a few nice restaurants around Mag's. It's just not in the Orchard road district.

    Maybe you can tell us more what you wish to do when you are here.. then we can point you the right directions.. if not, I will flood you with FOOD! :p
  14. Princess, i plan to take 2 bag+a clutch.
    Food is always good!!!!!i love to eat!!!!!and shop!!!:smile:
    Despite all these 'activities' i would like to enjoy great spa-treatment, see a bit of the city, etc..(make a few meetings for my business...)
    What else is a 'must' in Singapore???
  15. MissM: Mrs S had given tons of good recommendations, I highly recommend them as well.

    The Restaurant, il Lido, MrsS had recommended is in a Golf Course in Sentosa! Call them in advance to make a reservations.

    hmm... Champagne for breakfast - Mimosa!!:drool:

    Oh, try mani and pedi services here, so far, I still prefer the service I get in Singapore. ;)

    Ran out of recommendations at the moment.. hehehe need to go rest my brains..

    MrsS:I have to try out Graze, it's pretty near my place... but the thought of finding parking the car... :sweatdrop: