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    Hi Fellow C lovers in SG.

    I started this thread as we were getting too chit chatty on our main Chanel thread.
    Let's all come in here for our general chit chat sessions. ;)

    We can post pics of our great C hauls from other countries, share our scores and bargains from other brand name designers, chat about the joys & perils of single hood, motherhood, general sharing and all other stuffs we wanna chat about.

    Happy chatting everyone. :smile:
  2. Sofa!
  3. Re
  4. Thks 3jems
  5. Hahhaha, so excited - it's chanel related news so should I share it here or there?? My SA smsed me just now to say that she has received new stock and will reserve a new pc of the 12A red caviar yen wallet for me!! Such great news after a sh*t week!
  6. Hello babes...

    Hahahaha... We can start to chit chat liaoz.

    Anyone going to C tomorrow? I am keen to see wat CJ's r available. Cos dun think I can get another bag. :p
  7. Oohhhh.... Congrats congrats. You must so happy. Must share pics of it when u get her yah.
  8. Yo!!!!see u gals fall in here,so wonderful.Can chat liao
  9. Anyone bot anything from other brands besides C? Can share share here. Cos I'm sure all of us dun stick strictly to C only.

    Like me.... I love F jelly sandals and LV wallets. Last weekend I almost got the LV Idylle speedy 30. When I heard the price is $1,6xx, the first that I tot.... "Wah. So cheap." Hahahaha. Chanel prices has densitised me liaoz. But in the end, I din buy. Cos hoping to get a seasonal C bag. Lol.
  10. I always faithful to a brand, used to be LV! But I sold most of it to fund Chanel! Only left the Mini Lin speedy with strap now!
    I hope to overhaul everything to C! Keke
  11. Want to ask u ladies on some views.

    I wan to buy Prada BN1339 bag in black fabric or LV sully.What do u think?
  12. Ya...I hv the same thoughts too.C prices too high as compared to other brands.But then again can't hv all bags to be C brand.In fact I hv more seasonal bags then classic
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    I found pics of the bags. I love Prada's nylon. Super durable. For the LV Sully which print u getting? Mono?
    Both the bags r spacious. But I feel LV looks more classy and sophisticated. ;)
  14. I just got my first jellies today! Plus another pair of bessies. Reveal soon
  15. LV sully only in mono right?Prada BN1339 seems very common nowadays
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