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  1. Continued from this thread.

    **Please remember there's absolutely NO buying or selling here or via PM.
    Also, tPF is English only. 100% English, 100% of the time ;) **
  2. Wow we r on 2nd thread. Well done
  3. hee..I think mine after seasoned, the colour is slightly darker now..look slightly greyish..but I really like it..i can match with most of my clothes.. yup the only con is maybe the short handles, which can get abit inconvenient if go shopping.. but definitely no regrets since buying it!
  4. yah I was so shock when I cannot reply the post! good job everyone!! hee...
  5. wow cc cream is $62 in $82 outside..
  6. Anyone at airport Dfs?
    Pla help chk if they still have C travel palette .
    C discontinued at all in flight shopping ..
    Also, r there individual brushes available for sale at Dfs ?

  7. I thought the CC cream is not bad ... For lazy days ...
  8. The SA told me to apply after need sunblock n mu primer...i hvnt tried the sample yet...haha skip 2 steps can save some time :p
  9. Almost wanted to get last week..
    Din know airport has started carrying ..
    Now can get at airport ... Hehehe
  10. Wah .. Think many ladies still not migrated here ...
  11. haha ya if it is good shd get fr ap instead...i like to restock my stuff at ap too...way much cheaper!
  12. Hi ladies, anyone took swiss air line from SG to EU before? how's the experience? Saw some reviews saying that leg room is terrible and seats are extremely hard. And they are only using airbus 340. I'm used to A380 & 777 already.

    But Swiss airfare having an amazing offer right now, but not sure if I will feel comfortable on the small plane for long haul.

    Anyone has experience to share?

  13. wow...luckily manage to find new thread. :p
  14. Haha for a moment thought my eyes were playing tricks on me on the other thread when I saw that it was closed:smile:
  15. It's getting quiet now ..
    Any reveals?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.