Singapore Boutique at Taka, good SAs?

  1. Hi, can anyone recommend a gd SA for the Singapore Boutique at taka? I always approach different SAs when I visit the boutique, and I find that its very difficult to find the bag that I want. I guess it makes more sense to have a fixed SA. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  2. Molly..that's her name. But all SAs, there are nice & friendly. She is great...was put on waiting list for few items...didn't like them. Things seems to be flying off the shelves very fast..(diamond shine bag abt $3960..the display too was taken up..gone)...I'm going to wait for the new cabas to be in...I hope ..soon;)

    p.s Chanel boutique is expecting a few new bags in..look out for it...Enjoy yr shopping:wlae:
  3. Do you happen to know the name of this particular SA that is tall, and has very long straight hair?
  4. There are a few girls there with long hair..not all are very tall.
    I don't know most of them..I only remember those with a name tag on their blouses. Is there any "problem" with that girl???
  5. OMG i think i do! her name is alice if im not wrong.
    she's lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! she's soooo nice.
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