Singapore Airport Sale

  1. I'm at Changi airport (Singapore) and Chloe is having a sale with 40% off... I hope somebody could benefit from this!!!!
  2. thanks for the info....very thoughtful of you while at an airport!
  3. Hey Cece how much are they selling for and what styles and colours do they have?
  4. I was there last week and got a little bronze zippered makeup case for 40% off. :yahoo:

    There wasn't a large selection...some tweed Paddies, some denim totes with the big "Chloe" on them (sorry I don't know what they're called) and some smaller leather goods. I don't think there were any Bays on sale.
  5. Hi,

    Is the store accessible to the general public or is it just for people who have checked in?

    Does this store stock See by Chloe clothes? I am looking for a tank top from that range.

    Thanks. :shame:
  6. I travelled back to UK on 8th Aug and picked up a baby paddy with 30% discount.
  7. Update - there's a 40% sale on now. If you do pass through, be sure to check out the stores in both terminals 2 and 3. From memory there were a few wallets, baby paddy's, Saskia patchwork bag in silver, Nancy clutch and I think a Bay (though not sure).
  8. Bump - has anyone been through lately? Any good sales?

    On another note, does anyone know how much Chloe sunglasses retail for in Singapore?? Thanks.