Singapore Airline question

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  1. I live in the Bay Area,....I am thinking of going to Hong Kong next month, it's been ages since I've visited (7 years) and was thinking of taking Singapore Airlines. My mom said that if I take Singapore Air and ride economy I can't select my seat until the day I depart (?????). She said that I'd have to check in at 6pm, select my seat and then go back to the airport and wait for the flight out at 1:00am. Is this true? I don't remember ever doing that for Singapore Airlines.

  2. i'm not sure but this sounds a bit weird :confused1: i can see that they wouldn't let you choose your seat before, but i don't know of any airline that would even let you check in seven hours before the flight (unless it was a connection) let alone require it.
  3. So they don't let you choose the seat when you buy the ticket? That's so odd.

    I gues my mom was thinking this is the way they did it a long time ago and it applies today but I am hoping someone who took Singapore Airlines recently can shed some light on this :shame: She usually takes Cathay and has no idea how Singapore assigns seats anymore.
  4. You can select your seat 48 hours in advance through the internet check-in. Or you can be a pushy princess and phone them up to lock in the seat.
  5. Ah, I see....thank you so much for the info, Beatrice! I actually signed up for KrisFlyer membership a few days ago and hopefully that will help me get a decent seat.
  6. I think it is a first come first serve basis (Frequent Flyer programme has no direct impact on this internet seat reservation) so let's say your plane leaves on 20th February 9.00 GMT, you want to log-in with your ticket number, etc. on 18th Febrauary 9.01 GMT so that you have as many choices as possible.
  7. i must be flying with the wrong airlines because i never get to pre-select my seat before online check-in :confused1: finnair have at least learned that i want either 2A, 2F or a window seat in the first row of economy if that's what i'm flying and i usually get those pre-assigned. it helps to be the first person doing the online check-in too. as for BA and SAS.. well i hate them anyway but those are the ones i usually have to fly and they certainly never bother saving me the seats i want (although BA are getting a bit better about that but their new luggage rules are the reason i hate them now) i never bother calling up though, i'm not *that* bothered about it.
  8. Darn....too bad! It's nice to know that I can log in exactly 48 hours before takeoff to select a seat.
  9. i remembered doing early check in on my flight with SQ...
    my flight was at evening, and i checked in at around 10 AM so i can put my baggage first, and i think they already gave me a seat number. i never really have a request where i sit so i don't really notice that.

    the only reason i do early check in is because i need to check out from the hotel before noon, and i find it's more comfortable to me to put my baggage first, and then go around for lunch with my friends in spore and do a little shopping before taking off :p
  10. DH and I usually fly business, so I don't know the rules...but you might try Cathay Pacific or Philppines Airlines (you'll have a short layover in manilla), but we like both of them.

    Have fun!
  11. United has good service to Hong Kong from SFO and you can def. select your seat at purchase!