**sing** Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day

  1. I promise I'm finished my CL fixation for the week. I ordered the pleated platform in black, but when I saw them in the tan color, I had to have them too. And the patent leathers are to die for - 5" of pure sexyness....:sweatdrop:

  2. very nice!
  3. You do girl! Congrats & they look great on you.
  4. I love them! Especially the black Jolies :tup:
  5. Very nice! I love Jolies..I wore mine today with a cute dress. Felt good to start wearing dresses instead of jeans! The Ambrosinas are beautiful too!
  6. I love the Ambrosinas! I've been dying to get myself a pair but I can't decide on a color!

    They both look great on you!
  7. they look too cute on you..enjoy
  8. They are HOT!! Great buy! Congrats!!
  9. Very very happy day!!!
    I love the Jolies!!
  10. wow I love both on you- COngrats!
  11. awesome purchases!!
    Are the jolies 5" high?
  12. Congrats they are both so beautiful !
  13. stunning! i'm extremely jealous!
  14. Amazing purchase, i love both of them !!!:heart:
    Many congrats !!!
  15. Beautiful purchases. I am loving the Jolies. They look great on you.