Sinful Sister

  1. DH was in Europe on business this week. On his return flight he had to transfer through London and had a lay over, so he went to check out the H store in Terminal 3. He came back and told me about the "beige Boilde" and then he said that he saw the "floppy bag with the two handles" (for us: known as the Lindy) that he didn't like too much (he's a Kelly and Birkin man).

    Oh my!!! I just picked up my luscious orange Lindy on Monday:heart:. Now she has to live in secret and only come out when he's on a business trip; this is almost sinful! Yikes! She is now my sinful sister!:rolleyes:
    Luscious Lindy.jpg
  2. Oh, what a shame to have to hide something with so much beauty..
  3. Shes sooo pretty!!! Sinful sister - i love it!! hehe
  4. That is such a happy, cheerful bag! Congrats.
  5. You know what they say, "Don't put baby in the corner". Sorry, I had to borrow that line from Dirty Dancing.
  6. Men have a different relationship to the bags...their eyes need some time to get used to the shape :smile: and i am sure your DH will love your beautiful Lindy soon! Dont hide that beauty:tup:
  7. Gorgeous Lindy, Liness.
    the colour is fab!!
    i am sure DH will come to love it.
  8. ITA!
  9. She's gorgeous! I bet after you wear it a few times he'll comment on how much he loves the bag. Men are like that - they don't do well with change (imo).
  10. Absolutely stunning... I want one too!
  11. Love that bag! Yummy! Know what you mean about waiting for DH to be absent before bringing out the goods. I've done that with some Hermes scarves when I've bought too many! LOL!!! And come to think of it, he still doesn't know about my 2 Hermes bags. I think I will need to tell him I bought them before we were married and never got the chance to wear them with him. Or something like that.
  12. oh. funny to learn about sinful sister.

    she is gorgeous! she would love to come out to play more ..not only during ur DH's biz trips....LOL.

    u hv got a matching keycase!!!
  13. I really like the colour of your new Lindy. She´s a beauty!
  14. oh no! but that lindy is just too gorgeous to hide!

    What a stunning color!! Congratulations Liness!! :yahoo:

    You know, bad girls always do what they're not suppose perhaps she will come out and play more often!!! :graucho: