Sinful Hoodie- have you seen it?

  1. I am dying to buy the white angel wing hoodie- has anyone seen it ANYWHERE online(a M)? I can find the red one but it looks like the white is sold out!

    Do you think I should settle for one of these instead??

    Thanksss :tup:
  2. Wow the praying angels one is really cool...but I think I also like the first one you want to get. If you can't find it ANYWHERE then maybe get the praying one. But don't settle unless you have to and love the alternative!
  3. I know.. but everything of sinfuls I LOVE. haha. Anyway, I'm hoping I can get a hoodie (still not sure which one tho) when i get home at the metro park near me, they have alot of sinful.

    Nice signature lyrics, btw. ;) but I some how some way, keep comin up with funky @$$ $h*t like every single day
  4. Have you stop by your local mall? There is so many at The Shirtique, Hot Topic and Pacsun stores in my local mall. (Northern California)
  5. sinful at hot topic???
    Hahah thats nuts... naw im from the East Coast. Hot topic is full of cheap crap.
  6. oops, i just realized that you had already seen that hoodie and posted in your original post