SinCitySistas Collection

  1. Hi Everyone, here are some of the bags from my collection. These pictures were taken separately over months. I will be adding more pictures soon. I also added some pictures of some of my favorite shoes. Enjoy!
    lvmulticolorset2.jpg chanelcambons.JPG lvvernisbags.jpg shoecollect.jpg lvspeedy1.jpg
  2. Cool. You live in sin city too? ha ha.
    Me too... :biggrin:
  3. Fabulous collection....thanks for sharing!
  4. Great collection!!! Love the pink LV!
  5. nice collection! love your MC belt
  6. I just adore your shoes! You have FAB taste :smile:
    Vegas rocks!
  7. Great Pieces!!!
  8. Thanks for all of your nice comments, I really appreciate it!:biggrin: Here are some more pictures:
    diorbags1.JPG ffbeadedfrt.jpg gucciset.jpg
  9. Very nice collection! I love your peppermint bedford!
  10. i am drooling over your chanels! great collection :smile:
  11. Nice collection!! That pink little vernis is sooo cute :love:
  12. i like the chanels...!!:love:
  13. Both your Chanel bags are beautiful.:smile:
  14. Very nice collection, love the Chanels! And the shoes, wonderful!!!
  15. i like the green vernis!:smile:
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