Since You Started Buying Louboutins...

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  1. Have you been less interested in handbags?

    I used to love handbags. I'd look at them online, I'd pick out ones I wanted and I'd buy them...

    And since discovering Louboutins I've had little or no interest in handbags.

    Since I bought my second pair of CL's (first pair were espadrilles) I've purchased a Chanel bag and a Chloe bag. It's been over a year since my second pair, and only two bags!

    There is only three bags I'd like to eventually buy but as they are from classic lines, they'll be there forever and I'm barely interested right now.

    I think Louboutins are super fun to buy and they are cheaper than handbags.

    The ones I want atleast $3000, $4000, and $10,000.

    Where as Louboutins can be purchased within $1000 which makes it easier to justify and funner (and easier on the bank) to collect!

    What about you ladies!?
  2. i've gone the opposite into handbags now thanks to loubies...but still wouldn't ever spend silly £s/$S on £2000 + on a chanel bag. I can't do it and justify that price..but i can dream one day..:biggrin:
  3. LOL. CLs were my intervention. I had a crazy Chanel bag addiction and I bought them like there was no tomorrow. But with so many price hikes, I realized I had to stop. CLs were my way out. So, like you, I have slowed down with my bag purchase and increased my CL purchases.
  4. I go in phases. I was on a Marc Jacobs handbag kick for a while, then Yurman jewelry (it was so bad that I bought 6 pieces (retail w/ diamonds Ouch) in like 3 months. Now that I am on to Loubies, I am not really interested in handbags or jewelry. I still wear my jewelry and love my bags but my purchases are focused on more loubies.
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  6. I honestly never really got into designer shoes/handbags untill after i started buying CLs. I've only bought a a signature gucci bag and a louis vuitton but i don't feel I need a lot of bags. I will be saving up for a Chanel, though, once I get myself to hold off on buying CLs :P. I was only supposed to buy 4 pairs this year and I'm already at 9! :/ I have sold two and returned one so that justifies it :smile:
  7. I love everything pretty, so it's a wave for me. One month it's all about shoes, next month it's bags, next it's jewelry, next it's dresses... it never ends.
  8. Funny this has been brought up because I was just thinking about this a couple days ago! I totally lost interest in handbags since CL came to my life. I figured the couple LV bags I have will last forever and I can focus on shoes.
  9. I always loved shoes. I couldn't care less for bags. CLs didn't make any difference, except draining my piggy bank, and spend too many hours on the net searching for sales, and styles, and sizes....
  10. Not really, although I've considerably slowed down my handbag purchases. My favorite is and always will be Chanel, but I've almost reached a point of over saturation (and my CL addiction hit me at around that time last year)... Bal wise, there are some bags I'll eventually get, but there is no rush... plus the prices are infinitely easier to stomach than Chanel. CL wise, well, I don't like/buy exotics, and a Bal is similar in price to many, which makes a Bal purchase easier haha. I think my problem is buying non-CL shoes and clothing. Hell, and costume jewelry, accessories, makeup, etc... if it isn't CL, it's going to be something else, that's for sure. :P
  11. Eh, it depends on the season. I am not one of those people who aspires to really build a large collection... I just go for specific pieces that I like. This is true of shoes or handbags. There are some seasons where I will only buy 1 or 2 items just b/c there is nothing that catches my eye.
  12. I used to be obsessed with Chanel.
    I got three bags in a short period of time and now I don't even go into Chanel.

    Probably because the two bags from Chanel I want are $2000+
    Maybe for my birthday!?

    For now CL's are the best.
  13. For me the CL bug didn't cure my love of handbags. In fact instead of having one problem I now have two. And my bank account doesn't like it one bit!:nogood:
  14. Ditto to that. Its CLs...and handbags...and Yurman jewelry. Absolutely bananas.
  15. i'm exactly the same. right now i'm on CLs... before this i was on LV. my focus changes periodically. :graucho: