Since you all love LV' you still buy cheaper brands?


Jul 31, 2007
Sunny California!
Just out of curiosity.......I know i've heard and seen many people who used to buy coach before like in high school but now that they can afford more expensive things they dont even look at coach this true for you?

Well because I always thought this was true for myself..but yesterday i was at macys and saw this COACH signature stripe large tote and FELL in LOVE with was only $298 AND they had 20% off coach bags and yesterday was the last day for the sale... the only reason why i didnt buy it is because i know i'm gonna kick myself in the A** for buying another purse b/c i am on a purse anyway just wondering if any of you feel this way or felt this way........


Aug 4, 2007
Nopes! I love Coach for their unique style.. and as well as Dooney for their unique style. :biggrin:

But.. I don't think I will ever go back to just like any not-very-popular name brand purses.. like when you goto Macy's all those bags that are out on the floor.. I wouldn't buy one of those.. :sad:

I only have a Fossil bag I bought a long time ago that I use when I go out to places where i'm afraid I would get one of my high-priced designer bags would get dirty. xD


Sep 10, 2006
Yes, it's true for me!! Once I stepped over the expensive line I haven't gone back..I do see some coach that I like but I know I would rather have an LV or Balenciaga to add to my collection. Coach to me is just a temporary fix..I get sick of them quickly and always go back to LV:smile::smile: But as I said, I do see a lot of pretty coach/dooney bags out there but they just aren't for me..


Dec 4, 2006
Actually I'm dropping the idea of getting the horizontal get a kooba jennifer tote bag. Just b/c its made of lambskin leather and I am getting more quality with the material for the kooba. Afterall that's the main reason most of us buy the higher end bags for right? For quality...right? Plus I'm a bit tired of advertising the monogram when I go out. That's my 2 cents anyways :flowers:


Nov 28, 2006
Walking distance to Rodeo Drive
I have to agree....

I used to be VERY happy with Coach. Then I bought a few Gucci's and oh man I thought that was heaven. Then I found TPF (evil place lol) And now I only want LV. I still use and love my Gucci's (I have sold most of my Coach bags) but they are just not the same as LV. I just said to my DH last night. "I wish I was not such an LV snob" I want Santa to bring me a Mono 6 Key Holder (along with a few other things from LV) and I saw some really nice leather key holders at Gucci on sale but it is just not the same as LV.


Jan 5, 2007
Across a pond
I try never to settle, always get what I want, so before LV I didn't really know I wanted bags and didn't get any. :upsidedown: If a cheaper something comes along then great, but it hasen't happened yet.


Jul 30, 2007
I usually don't look back lol. But sometimes there are certain things that I have to if they can break the LV spell, then they deserve my money!
May 16, 2007
Nope I don't go back anymore for Coach or Dooney. i still have the Burberry tote bag for school and the pink candy make up case but that's it.It seem weird going anywhere without LV.I hid my LV now since I just got them stolen. I'm trying to get a Fendi B or some Gucci just for the everyday use; however, LV is the best and I can't break away from it.


Chanel * Bal * LV
Jan 2, 2007
Handbag Heaven
I always buy a lot of bags. That's why I have such a few expensive bag (for me it's $1500+).

You guys are talking about Coach.. I never own one and never will as I think it's American's gucci and Gucci is better.

I bought cheaper bag too and they are mostly Anya Hindmarch, Diesel, Pinko and Orla K.


Jun 13, 2007
New York
I used to only buy COACH. But since I got into LV, I haven't fallen in love with anything from COACH. I'm actually selling almost all my COACH bags (26+). Now all I own is LV & Gucci bags. So my answer is no, I haven't bought any cheaper bags since I've fallen in love with LV (and Gucci).


Fill the Giant Pig!
Nov 7, 2006
Cajun Country
No, I don't think I will be back at Coach or Dooney.
I really love the classic LV styles and one of the main reasons that LV has a very strong appeal to me is the fact that it NEVER goes on sale. I might be snobby about this, but I find comfort in that fact. It would make me sick to buy something and then see it on sale next week.