Since WHEN Did Tokidoki Make An Infant/Baby Line?

  1. Yeah and the price (imo) is outrageous for something a baby is going to wear MAYBE 10 times!
  2. its cute but i don think the baby is going to know what toki is :lol: so i dont think it would matter? imo..though :biggrin: ...annie b is right ...babies grow most likely the baby wont use it that long enough..
  3. Wow, that is crazy expensive! Isnt japanla selling the same thing for like 24 bucks? That is just way overpriced!
  4. That is super expensive, but super cute!
    10 times? Oh please! My son wears things like once before he grows out of them!!!:nuts:
  5. I'd like to get one for my nephew but I don't have any idea what kind of prints they have for a boy?
  6. They had one my husband noticed but I wasn't interested because I want toki money for myself! ha! I thought the monkey one was darling! It was pale yellow...could work for a boy. But ya'll are right! 10x is lucky! I change my Ryan a couple times a day just to see his clothes on him! ha! Hes a very patient sweet little dude!;) who is learning to get into everything around the house
  7. The teachers at my son's school would really roll their eyes if I brought my 14 month old into the elementary school with the pic. of a cow holding a machine gun in his hands! Something just not right about that.....unless somebody can explain it to me? I'm really not too into the death images either ...especially for little ones!
  8. Ha! Ha! I know what you mean Annie. I don't think my sister would be too happy w/me if I got that one or one w/adios (grim reaper) on it! Since she doesn't know anything about Toki.
  9. The cute little monkey is the one on the paradiso bags!
  10. Here I thought it was the monkey from foresta. I wish I could see pics of the onesies that are out.
  11. I think it is the monkey from Foresta
  12. where?? i wanna see the monkey shirt!