since when did i miss this...

  1. :nuts: I like the chain idea! More Damier rensky??:graucho: :rolleyes:
  2. It´s very classy.
  3. OOh.. very nice...
  4. Oh, I haven't seen that beauty yet! That is pretty! Are you gonna get it? I think you are.
  5. I thought it had been out for a while??? I have seen it .. OK but quite long I prefer smaller wallets.
  6. I think it's brand-new...
  7. That would make one fierce clutch- funny, but I always thought that those were the PSP cases!
  8. oh yes! I have seen that for sometime...and I believe it has been in most recent Le's in mono too and very cute!
  9. :graucho::graucho:

    but im on a purse ban!!!!!!! :crybaby:

  10. WHEEEE! loooove it
  11. now i can't stop thinking about this......!
  12. wow! it's so cute!
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