Since we are all dreaming about FY08 colors now: PREDICT THE HIT


Predict the runaway HIT for the pre-spring 08 season

  1. Vert Thyme/Salvia - Green

  2. Bleu Electrique/Bluette/Bello -Electric Blue

  3. Sky Blue/Azurro (Sky Blue)

  4. Magenta/Fuxia/Ciclamino/Nuovo Bello - Magenta

  5. Bubblegum/Rosa Bubble Gum - Pink

  6. Sahara (Beige Sabbia) - Neutral Sand

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Since we are all chomping at the bit for swatches on the pre-Spring season 08 colors, which color do you think will be the run-away hit of the season?!?! With so many potentially yummy bright colors to choose from, this could be hard!!

    Vert Thyme/Salvia - Green
    Bleu Electrique/Bluette/Bello -Electric Blue
    Sky Blue/Azurro (Sky Blue)
    Magenta/Fuxia/Ciclamino/Nuovo Bello - Magenta
    Bubblegum/Rosa Bubble Gum - Pink
    Sahara (Beige Sabbia) - Neutral Sand
  2. crud- poll didn't take effect.

    hang on there!!
  3. I vote for the ELECTRIC BLUE...............It's the one must have color for me!

    07 Magenta too, but it will be out sooner, hopefully???
  4. Bubblegum pink :girlsigh: and Electric Blue
  5. Bubblegum, I just think must people will love it IRL and it will look similar to the older rose color with a slight peach undertone. I think sky blue will also be popular.
  6. I vote for Magenta in 2008! I'd love a magenta day.

    Choo had a hit last year with the electric blue. I got the Maddy.

    I see sand is not getting any votes.
  7. I can't wait for Bubblegum Pink!!! I want a city. And I want coin purses in all the other colors =)
  8. I just got an electric blue Jimmy Choo, otherwise I might have voted for that color. I sense a lot of excitement for the new magenta color, so I voted for that one.
  9. I voted for magenta, but I think all will be a hit! I can not wait to see irl!!
  10. i say magenta since even non balenciaga fans have always been aware of that color and like us all lusted after it. since it seems like it is going to be a true hot pink---you can't go wrong with that!
    i want to say bubblegum but if it's too peachy/salmony i don't know if it will have a really broad appeal, i'd have to see the swatch first
  11. Magenta.. Cannot wait for that colour. It should be a GREAT hit!!
  12. I voted Green!
  13. Well, I voted on poll for BG Pink because I MUST have the pinkish bag and since I missed the French Blue, I will want to get French Blue too, Sage Green and Magenta sounds wonderful...I am so damn overwhelm with new colors and I wish I can see the swatch, so I can really making decision but next season will really killing my piggybank for sure.
  14. My vote goes to Magenta, follow by Electric blue then bubblegum. :smile:
  15. I really think the Green/sage will be my next followed by one of the Blues!