since the inside of MJ bags are suede...

  1. then would the inside of the zip pocket be suede also??

    there is a bag im looking at but i noticed in a picture that the inside of the zipper pocket (inside the bag) isn't suede too...

    so would that make it a fake?

    :confused1: :confused1: :shrugs: :confused1: :confused1: :shrugs::confused1: :confused1:
  2. what bag are you looking at? No it doesn't automatically make if fake.
  3. The inside of the zip pocket on my MJ bags isn't suede.
  4. I confirm that!:yes: I have 2 suede lined MJ bags and both inside pockets aren't lined with suede.
  5. thanks you guys!! im looking at a quilted stam
  6. My stam has a suede interior pocket. What year is it from?
  7. F/W 05 Stam has cloth lined Red inner pocket.
    As E pointed out, S/S 06 Stam has suede lined Cream inner pocket.

    Agree with E, you need to look at all the details.
  8. ^ Details of highly faked bags are changed every season.
  9. My bags don't have suede lining inside the pocket.
  10. Not necessarily. I have a quilted wallet I bought from Saks that does not have suede interior even though the description on elux said that it should be suede. My patty's pocket isn't suede..
  11. I don't think any of my interior pockets have suede in them... my front zip pockets on the other hand, like the Sophia, have suede.
  12. On the top of my head, I believe that only one of my bags has a suede inner pocket, my MP in Spearmint.
  13. Both my Selma in Teal and my Large Multipocket in Ferrari have suede lined interior pockets.