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  1. Where can I get help to have something authenticated?

    Well, here it is anyway. it's a listing in eBay, and the seller states he/she is a member of tpf.
    9800_1.jpg 9842_1.jpg 988e_1.jpg 98ce_1.jpg 99a6_1.jpg

  2. yes, it's authentic. It's karenab's bag and it's gorgeous!!!!
  3. I can personally vouch for Karen, as I bought one of her beautiful authentic b-bags! :okay:
  4. Wow, I don't know how much the price for that is, but it's probably cheaper than what I paid yesterday for a Bbag at Neiman's. I paid $1350, which is ok because I LOVE my new bag. But if everyone's sure it's authentic then go for it. I wish the Balenciaga thread was open. I'm dying to rave all about my new bag!!!

  5. Christy, I was at NM in SF yesterday, and was drooling over the day bag, then resisted. I'm seriously thinking of this item on ebay.
  6. It's a '05 so the leather will be incredible. And the color is gorgeous. I want this same color but in a WE. Love it!
  7. Definitely authentic and gorgeous!

    (Hi, Cracker! It's so funny not to be in the Bal threads, but to be answering Bal questions anyway.)
  8. ^-- ITA- it's been an odd weekend!
  9. OMG, it's gorgeous!!! BTW, anyone know when the Bal forum will be back?
  10. Hey is funny and not so funny that I can't stay away from the forum for one weekend. I am totally addicted!:p

  11. I think either Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait to see what they've done.:smile:
  12. I am also waiting on the forum to open so that I can post about my new/ first bbag. :smile: I am already going through some withdrawals.
  13. I REALLY wanted the Bal forum to be open today, because I have to tell this story, which I will tell to you anyway here, because I just have to...:smile:

    So, I went to the Northbrook NM (Chicago area) yesterday, and they don't carry bbags there, but they had a handful of returns. I asked the SA to bring them out just in case there was something I liked, and they had a black 07 City. On closer inspection, it was a FAKE black 07 City!! It was totally a mess and had pewter hardware and unnotched rivets and the whole works! I explained this to the SA, and she looked at me like I was crazy, like who was I to tell her that this bag was fake! So I guess this is just a warning to be really careful when buying bbags at stores that don't normally carry them. I did buy a Twiggy that I know was authentic, so it all worked out. Crazy!!:smile:
  14. I say go ahead and post it right here. I will totaly ooh and aaah and congratulate you for it!!:smile:

  15. Wow. The nerve of some people! :cursing: I just hope some poor unsuspecting customer doesn't come along and wants to purchase her very first bbag and ends up paying $1195 for a fake! If I was at that store I would've shown the SA my bbag ( which I carry with me everywhere ) that this is how an authentic one is supposed to look like....I wish balenciaga would give some sort of a class on BBAG101 to all SA's...doesn't matter if the store always carries bbags or they don't usually carry it..I mean the SA's at BalNY are just as bad at knowing nothing about their product. :sad::tdown:
Thread Status:
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