Since prices of designer handbags are going up...


Now that designer bag prices are going up will you?

  1. Buy mid-range bags

  2. Buy less of the high-end bags

  3. Bite the bullet and just keep on buyin the high-end

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  1. with one price increase after another, especially with brands like LV and Chanel... do you think you'll buy less of the high-end designer bags and more of the secondary lines? Marc by Marc Jacobs instead of Marc Jacobs?

    Or will you downgrade and be more picky about what you buy from the high-end designers?

    Or will you just bite the bullet and pay the higher prices?
  2. I am already super picky and do not buy bags so often that the increase will not truly bother me.
    So, I'll keep buying what I love, and that is Chanel!
  3. I will buy less and I will always buy on sale. That's my mantra: Is it on sale?
    I'm also learning to take it slow, to stop and enjoy the bags I have and not constantly live in desire for the next one. That is an enslaving mentality. There will always be another purse...there's no the ones I have...let them give me pleasure instead of ignoring them and rushing on to the next one...
  4. That is SO important and so easy, at least for me, to forget. I don't even buy high-end bags, but they are high-end to me (Bulga, Kooba, HH). I am always hunting and I sometimes forget to enjoy the ones I have.

    Since the bags I buy do go on sale, I usually wait for sales or clearance.
  5. Well, Louis Vuitton is what I love, and truly makes me happy so I will continue buying it.
  6. Before this forum, I was only interested in really well-known brands, and a lot of those are very high-end. But after joining this forum, I learned about all of these new wonderful brands, and like Swanky Mama said, I'm going to buy what I love. If it's Chanel, then I'll save up or wait for a sale, but it's more mid-range, like the Botkier that I'm eyeing right now, that works too! ;)
  7. I'll keep buying High-end!!! I won't settle for less:p
  8. i will probably become more selective.... I noticed this year that when sales hit i bought several bags just because the price was very good, but they are still waitning their turn in the closet...
    Also, what TropicalGal said has resonated with me! I really do not enjoy what i already have as much as i should!
  9. I will continue to purchase what I love. Ijust wouldn't feel right if I did anything less...

  10. I totally agree.
  11. I do not buy bags as often as before. I would still buy high end bags since that's what I love wearing and it makes me happy. If it makes me happy then its worth it. :yes:
  12. I can't help what I like....still if it's expensive than I might not buy handbags as often but I will buy what I like.
  13. I can only afford high end if it's on super sale anyway so I will pick and choose my investment pieces. If I find something I love that is on sale then great.. .mid range or high end alike.
  14. Don't like LV anymore. Rest only wait for the sales.
    Will only pay retail for Hermes.
  15. You have the key ladies. Love what you have!!! I'm going to stop obsessing over what I want NOW and loving what i bought a week ago.