Since Mulberry Made in CHINA.....

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  1. #16 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    Well, i feel that if the bag is of the same quality and the workers are treated fairly then it makes no difference where the bag is made.

    However, if the quality is inferior due to out sourcing and the working conditions and pay are below standard then I would not feel happy buying their bags.

    I need to check all the labels on my bags as I have no idea where they are made but I do not see any variation in their quality..

    Now the next question is.. how much are their profit margins if they are setting up manufacturing in third world countries. It would be fair that they increase the workers pay if they are going to continue raising prices AND/or they should reduce the prices for the customers if they are manufacturing at a fraction of the original costs that they had to pay in the UK!
  2. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. What makes the difference to the bag sold for 20 dollars? Hopefully the materials, hardware and quality of workmanship.
    I don't think being manufactued in the Uk makes an item better quality.
  3. I don't really mind which country my Mulberry is made in, so long as the workmanship is an excellent standard and foreign workers are not being exploited. What bugs me most is that workers in third world countries are obviously being paid a lot less than UK workers, yet Mulberry prices keep going up.
  4. Hi there
    Mulberry Mabel with Made in china and shoulderstrap... is it authentic ?
  5. Sorry - what I mean is, I can see in this thread that some bags are made in china, could that be the same for a Mabel also ( with shoulderstraps only )

  6. Hello - you need to post your enquiry in the Mulberry Authentication thread, with a link to the auction, as applicable.

    If not an auction purchase, please add plenty of pictures of the bag in question including Mulberry wording on buckles, zip-pulls, Mulberry stamping on rivets, "made-in" tag, metal fob (front and reverse), oval leather plaque, base, front and back and our experts will look at it for you.

  7. I have no idea where my mulberry bag was made. I got mine from Bicester outlet & it doesn't have a made in tag inside, just a leather tag. So that's annoying. I was really hoping it would be made in uk. Guess I'll never know now. I still love my bag though:P
  8. I have several Roxys (only one "England", the rest, "Turkey") - and concerning Roxy (my passion) I would say (as I think I posted elsewhere the other day) that quality and durability DOESN'T necessarily relate directly to country of origin - think it often boils down to the skills of the actual craftsperson - and that isn't always dictated by where it is ultimately made! - that said, my early old vintage English black Darwin is impeccable - used but not one real sign of wearing away in any respect, and stitching and finishing impeccable - So England does win overall for consistency of quality - BUT - my turkish bags - Darwin and AG - are all brilliant too - with the exception my latest Choc NVT Roxy (Turkey) This is definitely not up to scratch when compared with the others - leather is lighter weight and finishing isn't as neat is actually with Mulberry Quality Control as we speak and I reckon it won't age as well as the older models. Forgive my ramblings, but I hope this may be a useful contribution to this very interesting thread....but don't get me onto the wider political/economic issues regarding Made Elsewhere - another discussion entirely!......
  9. I was just about to buy an Alexa satchel on sale from bluefly, but noticed that it said imported rather than made in ... So that's a code for China or elsewhere that they don't want to brag about. So I didn't.

    Since I really don't NEED a thing, I am on a self imposed ban on buying stuff made in China. I will see how long I can last. The amount of buying has certainly gone down for me, haha.

    And I don't have anything against China, but I would like things to be made elsewhere too. So that is my little way of sending a message to these companies.
  10. There's a thread discussing where Mulberry's are made here:

    For me, as long as the quality of the bag is high, as a high-end designer brand should be, and Mulberry recognise and adhere to their social responsibility to their employees as well as their customers, I am happy :smile:
  11. Gah, so disappointed to read that so many Mulberrys are made in China. I was about to pull the trigger on a Maisie clipper online, but feel to reluctant to now since I have no idea what the "Made in" tag will read.