Since Mulberry Made in CHINA.....

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  1. I used to obsses with Mulberry. But recently, since almost all the bags were made in China ( or Turkey) I just felt that I was not proud again of this brand anymore, I mean I just do like to spend 1 K dollars on a bag that is made or even hand crafted in China....

    Do u guys feel the same way? and How you think of recent mulberry qualities? find any problems? has the quality gone down?
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    I feel the same way.
    Found myself thinking the other day I won't buy any Mulberry bags 'made in china' or Turkey on principle...actually let the Mitzy messenger go because of that.
    I just can't justify it price wise (don't think they are worth the price being produced in China/Turkey) and more importantly ethically.
  3. i agree with what you say but for a business to be competitve you would eventually have to produce in China - so i can understand why they have done this. you would have to think that there quality control must some operation!!!
  4. Hey, thanks, But I actually want to have opinions about the quality of the "made in outside UK" bags from other Tpfer's after they have used the bags for quite while...are they sturdy, and do they really stand compared to older bags when they still made the bags in UK?>
  5. So far my Phoebe and Rosemary bags (made in Turkey) and Joni (made in China) are holding up splendidly and definitely not falling apart or anything.
  6. I also don't like the fact that many mulberry bags have plastic zippers inside. but then again, many designers are beginning to use plastic zippers inside bags now, which pisses me off, and I won't buy those bags. I mean, for an extra dollar, why can't they afford metal zippers inside their bags, afterall, their bags cost over $1000-2.5k?

  7. plastic zipper? LOL never saw one on Mulberry thougH
  8. Both of my Mabel's were made in England.
    I have also never heard of a plastic zipper, that is probably not even true (sorry if that offends).

    I read a few years ago that Mulberry were finding it difficult to find people trained to make the bags in this country. Maybe outsourcing is just a case of finding craftsmen.
    As far as quality controls goes, Mulberry are one of the few luxury brands that offer repairs on bags. I know they have a strict policy about perfect bags being sold in shops, which is why so many people get outlet bargains right?
  9. All my bags were made in turkey with the exception of one (my phoebe) that was made in china. I think my phoebe is one of my best ones!! why do we think the quality will be better made in England just because an English person stitched it? A 'made in england' bayswater i saw in john Lewis the other day didn't look any different quality wise to my bags. As long as Mulberry maintains high standards of quality control and workers aren't exploited abroad i don't have a problem with where the bags are made.
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    Oh sorry!

    My Mulberrys where made in England so I can't be of any help. But I look forward to hearing from those that own both.
    Plastic zippers? Have never heard of it.
    Tiffie, on what bags have you seen this?
  11. I agree.
    I am not going to stand on my soapbox and talk about China and the economy. But I will say that I see this as a win-win situation because China gets a badly needed economic boom and we get great bags!!!
  12. No, I have NEVER seen plastic zippers on any Genuine Mulberry, inside or out!
  13. I agree with Flyvetjo and Ladycornflake.
  14. I do not agree at this point, we want to buy a product that was originally made, designed, manufactured in UK, one item is a piece of art. if they are making the bags in CHina, what makes the difference with the bag that is sold for 20 dollars for ex?