Since many of us bought from LVR recently...

  1. does anyone know how long LVR takes to ship? how do they ship? Fedex? Parcel Post?... I want my 3 Boobies dammit!:wlae:
  2. The ship superfast! Via fedex and it takes 2 days to arrive in the US. Then perhaps another day for it to clear customs. I ordered on a Tuesday, it got to the US on Thursday, and in my hot little hands on Friday. You'll be happy and proud of me to know I bought 2 Purses! And LOVE THEM!!!!
  3. 2 Purses! YAY for deco! I LOVE my Purse bags! What colors? I just bought 3 Boobies since I never purchased from them before (and since I'm trying to behave)...a blue, gray and white. I really dont NEED them ya know? but they were there, calling to me like little stray kitties in a box. I just needed to bring them home.

    calling that 12 step program place to reserve 2 seats for us right now. see ya there. just look for me. I'll be the one carrying a Bbag.:nuts:
  4. In my shipping confirmation, they gave me the tracking number. I looked it up on Fedex and the anticipated delivery date is tomorrow.
  5. I knew you'd approve! I love the Purse style, so comfy, nice size and shape and feels great over the shoulder.

    I bought Purses in Grenat and a Rouge VIF. Love them, love the colors, love the leather, love the shape. love, love, love! They're kind of cute and a little matronly in the shape, which makes it a very interesting juxtaposition of the edgy colors and tassles, and a little matronly shape. LOVE!!! I love style contradictions.

  6. It's so nice the way you described this Decophile!
  7. I'm suppose to get my order today, and I ordered it on the 26th. I'm a little nervous though, cause I keep getting e-mails from them saying I didn't pay and that they are going to cancel my order...yet everything went through pay pal fine. I'm really hoping they didn't mix my order up with someone elses.
  8. Well, mine hasn't come yet and I got a call from FedEx about customs. I ordered a shoulder.
  9. I just checked my tracking number cause my package still hasn't arrived and the status is now on a "clearence delay". I'm not really sure what that is, but, I hope that everything goes through so I can have it tomorrow.
  10. Yep, mine says "clearance delay" too. That's a customs delay.
  11. ^yep, that's what mine said too. It took a day to clear.
  12. Lets hope the ladies at customs arent oohing and aahing over our bags and trying them on and playing dress up!
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. i wanted some boobies too but they never replied to my e-mail :crybaby:
  15. Well, I'm a little worried because I got a call from customs and I only ordered a shoulder. I've tried calling back, but I'm just getting a voice mail. Besides that, she said she wants to talk to me about the Louis Vuitton bag I am getting from Louis Vuitton. Since I didn't order an LV from anywhere, I'm assuming she means my shoulder from LVR.