Since Joining Tpf...

  1. I have bought 7 bags, 3 key chains, 2 wallets, 1 agenda, and 1 cosmetic bag. I need to stop but I can't. There are so many other things I want. :crybaby: I love LV!!!
  2. fabulous!!! keep on shopping it up. LV is just the greatest. It is one of my loves.
    So what's on your list next? ;)
  3. Mini Lin Noe (Ebene), Hampstead GM, Damier Azur French Purse, MC Wapity, and Lockit Horizontal. I need to get on a 1 year BAN!!
  4. Haaa, I know what you mean. I thought I was happy with the few pieces I had. Then I joined TPF and I just want everything LV!
  5. :yes:
  6. Yep, this place feeds the obsession!
  7. the bag bug is Infectious!!!
  8. Maritza, I know the feeling. I have become LV obsessed and so has my wife.
  9. I know how it feels....
  10. i actually keep an inventory of bags and accessories that i have so i remember what i have. and sometimes i'm terrified to look at it because i've bought more in the last YEAR since i joined this forum than i bought in my entire life before joining
  11. Its hard to stop. Especially when you see everyone modeling their new LV's. Makes me what it even more.
  12. hehe lol! this forum is veryvery bad!

    I thought it would stop once I got the bag i wanted but it just becomes worse! i want more more more:yahoo:
  13. Hee hee hee.. welcome to the addicting world of LV! :p
  14. so hard ..must resist...

    well, who am i kidding? :lol:
  15. Haha I totally know how you feel. I bought my speedy before joining tPF with the intentions of having it my ONLY LV.

    I am done with school for the semester in 4 weeks and I have been making my wish lists and budgeting my summer income already so that I can purchase more LVs!!