Since it's POURING here, thinking...what's your best bag in the rain?

  1. I have a feeling I'm going to hear a lot of Longchamp Le Pliage!

    So dish...I have an epi speedy, which is great in bad weather, but I prefer a shoulder bag in bad weather vs. a handheld....and my tano (Centerfold in crunch leather) has gotten soaked and not a drop has stained it! So I guess that's what I'll use - or my Herve Chapelier tote.

    I also have a vinyl cheapie Marc by Marc Jacobs tote, but it's open top, so that's out in the rain...
  2. I always wear my Belen Echandia Love me in black crash ( it's pouring down with rain because water doesn't seem to harm her or I take my BV ball bag in ebano with me.
    I'd say every dark leather bag could be worn in the rain.
  3. Tokidoki LeSportsac or if I need something a little dressier I have a D&B cabriolet bag.
  4. I usually grab a Coach Hamptons tote for super bad rainy days!
  5. My Coach bags do well in rainy conditions, so I don't have to change bags when the weather isn't so great. :tup:
  6. It's pouring here, too, so I'm looking at my rain choices as well. I have a medium pliage that I just got this year. I also have 2 other go-to bags I've picked up at C21 many moons ago for around $20 each from Lulu Guinness (soft black vinyl tote) and Jones New York (navy with brown leather(?) trim organizer tote). I can't part with them!
  7. My Luella bag is my rainy day bag. The leather seems to do well if by chance I get a drop or two on it.
  8. chanel original cabas vinyl :yes:
  9. Damier Saleya MM
  10. It's been pouring rain for 4 days now so I have been using my D & B all weather leather bag. Rain doesn't bother it at all :smile: .
  11. Lesportsac
  12. Oilily bags are fantastic in the rain, and they have many cross body styles. They're hard to find here in the States but you can order them through eBay in Europe.
  13. I've been using my new Kooba Jennifer. So far, it's been amazing seeing how resilient the leather is. It's gotten pretty wet, and once it dries, it goes right back to it's original color and even maintains it's buttery sheen. :love:
  14. Wow - wish I could provide a response but it hasn't rained here in so long I can't really say. :shrugs:
  15. My vinyl orla kiely bag or a longchamp le pliage! My daisy doo bag by alison van der lande doesn't appear to get rain marks on it so I'd use that too!