Since it is PCE... How many of you have been asked this?

  1. Well... since it is that special shopping time of year (or quarter)... how many of you have been questioned??

    Today -

    DH: "Is that purse new?"
    Me::sneaky: "Nooooo? I've had that for a while... I have been cleaning out the ones that I don't use - so you'll be seeing a better variety of what I have."
    DH: Falls on the bed with his head on his forehead, as if he has fainted... "What did you do with my wife?"

    :whistle: So the thing is... I've had my Pond Shoulder Bag for a "while"... but this week was its "Inaugural Run"... LOL - most of my PCE stuff hasn't even arrived yet. I think I have a bit more explaining to do...

    Anyone else have to explain why they suddenly need an additional room on the house?.... :smile:
  2. no. i dont hide the fact that i bought a new bag but i usually get asked 'when are you going to buy a new bag' so i guess no one really notices.
  3. I don't ask about the video games, he doesn't ask about the purses/shoes.....
  4. mom: katherine, is that a new bag?
    me: uhm. no. i've had it for months...
    mom: then why haven't i seen it before?
    me: because it's been in my closet until the weather got sunny.
    mom: then why did you just bring it in from your car today?
    me: uhh...well, see the thing is...

    mom: you got another package from coach today.
    me: oh, really? how weird...
    mom: what did you buy this time?
    me: was a gift?
    mom: from yourself to you?
    me: ...uhm. something like that.

  5. oh yea kallison...that is beyond busted. get a po box or have stuff shipped to your friends house and be a bit more descrete when bringing the good home for the first time...try using food as a distraction like 'oh look i brought cake, anyone want cake?'
  6. I get that on a weekly basis (he's just not observant!)...he threatens to start selling them on eBay...I tell him if he does, I'm selling his motorcycle (which, coincidently, *I* purchased for him...)
  7. My husband will ask if it's a new bag, but he never asks the price... We both have a few hundred dollars a month we call our "slush fund" to spend how we want and i'm sure he doesn't want my opinion on how he spends his, so he doesn't ask about mine... it works :yes:
  8. i know. i usually have stuff shipped to my friends apartment, but i get paranoid. i can usually beat the fedex guy and mom is none the wiser...but sometimes i'm still at class when he comes.
  9. i have the same problem kallison. my mom doesn't know about 2 new bags that i have (and that's not including the PCE loot i'm gonna get in the mail).
  10. o yea, and intelligent me went and told the SA to ship it to my house when i will be stuck in the dorms
  11. My 15 year old son even notices my new bags. "Mom, I don't remember seeing that before he says -- is that new, or is that a bag you had from before I was born?" :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. We have a don't ask, don't tell policy. I don't ask about his tools and he doesn't tell me what to do with my Coach bags.
  13. Well, PCE OR NO PCE the bags used to come rolling in sometimes weekly. Technically, it's my $ b/4 marriage! He can't and doesn't complain so, he'll say "oh, let me see your pretty!" I know he thinks it's nuts, but he's also seen me sell off the ones I don't want/like. In the overall accumulation of "stuff" he wins hands down! And, man toys take up more room!
  14. Thank you kallison . . . the different stars tonight/ will somehow fade the same// and all the tears we cry/ tell us we're made the same// and when we fall aside/ let's hope we fall in place//we built our different lives/ but they all break the same

    I love words!
  15. OMG, this thread is great, lol!
    My mom hasn't seen my PCE haul (5 new bags, 8 scarves, 3 keychains). I went to Philly last week for work so when she sees it I plan on telling her I found a black market shop that sells real bags for 20 bucks a piece. With coach boxes, dustbags, tissue and all, lol!