***Since I'm on a Ban....a collection thread...***

  1. thanks pr1nc355! trips always win over shoes in my book anyway, so you're right, my Tokyo trip will be the best way to celebrate my 30th birthday...

    sorry you won't be able to make it tomorrow....hope your dad feels better soon :hugs:
  2. what gorgeous shoes!! Love them all!
  3. Gorgeous collection!
  4. sumn, your collection is absolutely amazing! you've been a busy girl since february, and it's definitely been worth it! thank you for sharing these lovelies with us. :woohoo:
  5. Beautiful collection!! :woohoo: I've been debating on getting Purple Suede Scissors (I love the grey suedes)..picking outfits just seems tough, but wow - I love the color.
  6. thanks ebaybags, may, yaya and beaniebeans! :flowers:

    i met up with a couple tpf-ers today and because i have no self-control, i went home with another shoe to add to my collection :shame:

    presenting, my newest addition: Blue Suede Alta Iowas!!! :woohoo:

  7. cllover tried them on and i couldn't resist, i had to try them on too! and one thing led to another and now i have them! it was between these and the roccia lizard MCs but those were too dressy and these are suede AND blue (i have a thing for suede and I needed a blue)!

    modeling pics:



  8. :drool: They look amazing on you!
  9. Gorgeous!!!
  10. stunning-where did you find them??
  11. Oh Sumn how I love your collection! I want ALL of your shoes!! :blush:I have been to Tokyo (many years ago) and I still look lovingly at my pics! Any chance I get I tell people I've climbed Mt. Fuji and I've seen the Tokyo Tower irl!! I hope you have a grand time!
  12. OMG, they are gorgeous! :drool: I don't blame you for surrendering to them at all. And I must say, your legs are pretty amazing :biggrin:
  13. wow! those are gorgeous! they look perfect on you ... I can see how those would have been hard to resist. Great new addition!
  14. woo hoo!! i'm glad you got them and i didn't even have to enable you! get crackin' on that appleguard (sp?)
  15. fabulous color!! congrats! way to bust out of the cclo in style.