Since I'm new, I'll show ya'll my collection!

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  1. [​IMG]
    I hope this shows the pictures..if not I'll try again
  2. Yay it worked!
  3. Yay! Very pretty! I love your pink heritage stripe accessories and your turquoise patent and raspberry lurex mini skinnies! So pretty! I also love that red scarf on your gorgeous carly and the purple (or is it blue?) scarf! Gorgeous collection thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for posting, great collection! Welcome to the forum!
  5. Wow. What a collection.
  6. It's purple. It's the holiday patchwork scarf from winter 05 I beleive
  7. I like your leather bags, the raspberry lurex mini skinny, your pink is it heritage stripe? wallets, your owl keyfob, that straw/gold bag is so cute, wow is that a carly back there? That's a nice orange scarf. What a sight to see, thanks for sharing your pics and welcome!!
  8. WELCOME!! And honey your collection will be getting bigger thanks to us :yes:
  9. Wow very pretty, welcome & enjoy :smile:
  10. Nice collection. Welcome to tpf
  11. Awesome collection!!! Welcome! :tup:
  12. Hi there! Welcome and thanks for showing us your collection. It's very beautiful! We share some of the same items! :tup:
  13. Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing! You have a great collection!
  14. Welcome and thanks for posting your collection here.
  15. WOW you got a GREAT collection! Welcome to TPF!!