Since I'm having a dilema - Popincourt Haut or Speedy 30?

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  1. Just want to hear your thoughts (don't laugh Ayla!). Which do you think is a more versatile bag for everyday casual. Thanks all you experts!
  2. Wow you read my mind!!! I have gone into LV 6 times!!! I have looked at the batignolles handheld, popincourt haut, and cabas piano. I also am constantly reminded of Ayla and immediately a post enters my mind and its hers!!! LOL...I just came back from LV again empty handed. I really need to decide too.

    I bet I end up with the popincourt haut because if I don't and am haunted by Ayla's posts telling me I told you so I will be one unhappy girl!!! Go Ayla!!!
  3. I have speedy 30 and love her!! but I wouldn't mind having the popincour haut for the next purchase. Well, that doesn't give you an answer does it? :P

    I say get the popincourt haut! She seems more practical because she is a shoulder bag and also her style is very pretty and classic.:biggrin:
  4. speedy 30
  5. Both are cute bags! Do you prefer a handbag or a shoulder bag?
  6. depends on what YOU you want an everyday bag that you either have to carry in your hand, or on the crook of your arm? or do you want a shoulder bag? I have both, I love both, but for a heavy day of retail therapy, my PH is where it's at.
  7. Am I allowed to giggle at least ? ;)

    I'm sure you know my choice.. Popincourt Haut !

    And serendipity3kb ! Get ittt !! :biggrin:
  8. giggle away!! I knew you would :smile:
  9. speedy speedy speedy!!!

    i love my speedy.

    that said, it depends a LOT on wether you want handheld or shoulder bag. if you like shoulder bags, speedy will not work and vice versa. :smile: shoulder bags drive me NUTS so popincourt was out for me. i think when i have little ones i will change my mind about shoulder bags, but until then i am a handheld girl all the way. :smile:
  10. :love: :love: :love:
  11. Popincourt Haut! Love those dangling balls...

    Ayla- You reached 3K posts already? :amazed: You need to buy a bag! And I need to do some major catching up here. :lol:
  12. I've been toying with the idea of buying a batignolles horizontal while I'm in France.. just seeing if my bank account will allow it ! :shame:

    And you're hot on my posting trail anyways ! :lol:
  13. You should get that bag as a souvenir! ::furiously posting away:: :smile:
  14. Poppincourt haut!
  15. Haut! Handhelds look cute, but mostly can be impractical.