Since I want to match...

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  1. ..I'm thinking of getting an accessory to match my Rasta bag. Is the Chateau or large cosmetics bag too big to fit in a Mandeville and an Esquivel?

    If it is, I'll probably get a Rasta zip pouch but can't find a pic anywhere...
  2. You could fit the Chateau inside the mandeville. I know some people say the large cosmetic case is really huge, but I have been able to fit my large cosmetics cases in my mandevilles just fine. I don't know about the esquivel but I'm guessing it won't fit in there.
  3. Yeah, like kwitthyy said, a large cosmetics case will *technically* fit in the mandeville...but I thought it would be awkward for me to get in and out of. I just got an esquivel, I'll try to see if it'll fit in it, I gave my cosmetic case to my mom so I'll have to get it from her first...I'm thinking it wouldn't be a good fit though because the case can be wide, and the top of the esquivel isn't very wide.
  4. Thanks! I mean even if I put the large cosmetics case in a Mandeville is it going to fill in almost the entire thing? Even if technically it will fit..?

    I figured the chateau would fit better on both bags anyway.
  5. The chateau would be really cute! :yes: The cosmetic case does take up a lot of room, but when I do put it in the mandeville I just keep it in there (usually with the top unzipped for easy access) and I don't take it out a lot, I just open up the mandeville and get what I need from the case. I can still fit a lot of other stuff in there even with the cosmetic case in there, but it might depend on what else you will put in your bag.
  6. I've had two cosmetic cases and I've taken them both back. And I loved those damn things too, but they were just tooooo big. The only bags they fit well in for me were the Devon, Alston and Kingston.
  7. I agree. I think the Chateau would be a better fit. Like I've said before the main problem with the cosmetic case is that it's so structured it doesn't really have any "give" for molding around the rest of your stuff like a cosmetic case that would be made of a different material. I had a Rasta cosmetics case and I wouldn't have been able to fit it in my Mandeville with my chameleon. I didn't have any other use for it so I sold it.
  8. Thanks for the input you guys. I am definitely diving in for more LAMB goodies. this is bad. :devil:
  9. I just to my LS makeup case back for the same reason. Its to big. Its cute yes, but just to big. I figure I can get a MAC makeup bag or something and still be cute.