Since i had to say byebye to my vanilla speedy 30,your thoughts on passy GM in ivoire

  1. should i order from elux without seeing it at all? also, is this a heavy bag? i wish i could see the color irl...

    by the way, if i order from elux now, will they not ship until March 1st?
  2. I saw the epi passy IRL at my boutique and it was fantastic looking! It didn't feel very heavy at all. The inside looked awesome with all the pockets and such. IMO it didn't feel that heavy. I would go for it.
  3. I liked it too! I tried it on in the boutique Saturday, it is very lightweight and the color is very versatile.
  4. this bag is so cute, saw it in LV store last week. buy it and if you don't like you can always send it back
  5. wait where is your vanilla speedy?
  6. The Passy is one of my all time favorite bags :yes: It looks so classy!
  7. i had to put it up for sale ...i concluded that it was just way too small for me and i would never have carried it...i'm still sad over it bc i really did love the vanilla was gorgeous *wipes away tear*

    but...maybe, getting this passy will help me get over my loss:idea:

  8. I would suggest seeing the new color Passy in person firstly. I went to Boutique yesterday and unfortunately they dont have the new color EPI in yet. So I will wait till March.
  9. I personally think the ivorie is too white for me. But if you can maintain your vanilla well, i think you can handle a white :smile:
  10. I saw this in person the other day and it's GORGEOUS. If I hadn't already bought the Chanel GST in white, I definitely would have been considering a bag in Ivorie.
  11. I saw the Passy Pm in Ivoire and it was georgeous. I am not sure about the Passy GM though. I think it is pretty big.