Since I found this forum I ..........

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  1. ..... will NEVER buy a piece of junk purse or a fake ever again! How about you?;)

    OH, Please know I never bought a fake on purpose. But thanks to you, I will never make that mistake again!
  2. i totally agree!!! :smile:
  3. Me too. My addiction have gotten worse since joining this forum.
  4. Never owned a fake...I don't plan on it.
  5. Since I've found this place I've discovered SO much about the wonderful world of handbags, and I've bought a Botkier Clyde and a (used)Speedy 30. :smile:

    Ilovethisplace, yay!

    PS. I've never owned a fake and never will!
  6. Right there with ya :shame:
  7. I love this place, its definitely made my fetish just a tad worse than it already was :lol:
  8. ^^ Ditto.
  9. I'm with Dani and Baglady!
  10. Same here never had a fake never will !!!
  11. Never have, and especiallly never will thanks to the fine education I've gotten here lol.
  12. ... have educated myself about recognizing fake bags and bought a Paddy because of peer pressure. Just kidding about the peer pressure ;) It's just that with so many beautiful bags on display, I could hardly resist. :nuts:

    ... found a group of great people with an appreciation for fine bags! :love: :love: Thank you Vlad and Megs for PF!! :lol:
  13. I learned so much about different bags and I'm addicted to PF and I buy far to many bags but I all love them Thank you PF!!!
  14. have spent more on purses this month than I have in my entire life COMBINED. And can't stop wanting more!!!!
  15. Amen sister!!!! :amuse: I could not have written that better myself!!!