Sinagpore TPFers..need your help on GST

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  1. Hi, I have received a letter from FSH today. My order is ready. They will send it to Singapore. My question is will i have to pay GST in Singapore? Anyone has any experience?

  2. Yes you do. The delivery company will pay for you, and you reimburse them on delivery.

  3. yes you have to. if not they will be release the goods to u:smile:
    you need to pay to the delivery company
  4. Definitely. If your bag is insured, the total GST payable is 7% of cost + insurance + freight.
  5. Customs law is such that anything above SGD400 brought into the country is liable for duties.

    Can't wait to see what you got! :yahoo:
  6. All bags sent from FSH are insured, hence around 200 euros per Birkin/Kelly for shipping. They also use a private freight forwarding company so the practice is pretty consistent.
  7. I had something shipped to me recently from a reseller. The guy at customs had to double check his 'number punching' on the calculator a couple of times as he thought he made a mistake how much GST I had to pay. His expression was kinda like, "what the heck bag is that?" ha ha. :P
  8. hahha...when i claim GST from the OZ custom too. They have to reconfirm that there's no decimal point somewhere between the 5 digits.
  9. J*adore, you got me all excited about your bag, please post a reveal soon!!
  10. I will as soon as i got it.Unfortunately, I won't be around to receive it. will have to let it sit in the box for at least 1 month. :sad:

    The order is ready alot sooner than expected.
  11. oh..and don't get too excited. It's really nothing exciting...Just a classic 35 gold togo.

  12. u need my address? I can let it sit in my house hahahhaa

  13. hahha....I was kinda waiting for someone to pass the comment. How bizarre...hahahha
  14. oh...and i was walking around orchard road yesterday, and i saw a few ladies with birkin and JPG. I started to wonder if any of them is actually one of you ladies...i know for sure it's not you robee and jadeite, cos it's neither sienne nor parchemin.
  15. your wardrobe is under revamp. No point getting J*adore's bag dusty. It can come to MY house. And befriend my gold togo. hahahah...:graucho::graucho: