Simulated Diamonds

  1. Has any body bought simulated diamonds here?
    The more I learn about the ethics of diamonds the more I am considering to buy a couple of sims, I really want a new bridal set so i can put my real one away... I'd like something fake just for day to day wear so i dont have to worry about missing stones etc...

    Bare in mind i dont want to get flamed for asking for information about a "fake"... this isnt a handbag i'm talking about!!!
  2. I'ld say wear your real diamonds instead.
  3. I mentioned in another thread that I was considering getting CZ earrings so I've been doing a little research on this. This has some good information- but also put CZ and cubic zirconia into the search box. It was pretty interesting to me. There is definitely a difference in quality and more money doesn't appear to always equal better quality. I'll probably go with the CZ earrings.;)
  4. Also put lab created diamonds into the search box.
  5. No flames from me...:smile:

    Try this discussion forum :

    I love my diamonds as much as the next gal but simulants can be super-useful for traveling(there's Chubb insurance of course, but the fewer claims, the better.)

    More importantly for making a careful selection w/ your next diamond purchase.:graucho: You get to 'live' with different shapes/carat weights/dimensions/ring designs. IME, It's smart to experiment before sinking money into diamonds that you might get sick of or find that the style/cut/size isn't your best. Unfortunately, I speak from experience... LOL. We have some $$ but not enough for anymore impulse/shaky diamond buys.
  6. This site is actually amazing to get the real deal on the diamond industry and what to look for in a diamond. I also like some other sites too where there are diamond experts who work in the field of cutting and appraising diamonds. There really is so much to know about diamonds .....and I love the real stories that pop up on the forums.

    This particular site seems to say that Jewellers Direct and are worth looking into??? I was surprised that you can better appaise the cz by using a loup!!! It was a very interesting read!
  7. I agree with everything you have said. btw, what shape did you get sick of??? Also, the site you listed seems really interesting...seems like everyone wants a diamond!!!!
  8. I had a 1ct Round Brilliant(I was living in Europe and not even sure I wanted a diamond first the 1ct seemed like a good size) then later I decided that I wanted a 2ct Oval. I used the old rb and a new mate for earrings. A bit later, I fell in love with cushion cuts and had the oval set in a soft-corner rectangular setting w/pave. & well, It sort of looked like a cushion from a distance. :rolleyes: Then I started loving rectangular emerald shapes & the subtle step cuts seem less flashy. I had the oval re-set as a pendant (still didn't like it) & ended up trading it in towards a vintage designer piece.

    Now I want an EC diamond ring(Harry Winston w/side baguettes) but I've blown the jewelry budget for a bit.:push: Meanwhile, I'm trying all sorts of CZ/rings styles to be sure & to keep amused until my ban is lifted... The craziest part is that so many ppl (except for jewelry nuts like myself and my jeweler who dislikes sims) don't seem to notice or care whether my pieces are fake or real.:shrugs:

    Oh well, maybe silly & un-PC but *I* still want a real EC step-cut diamond. It's a hard cut to simulate too. Many RB, Oval sims are passable but the step and radiant cz never looks real to me.
  9. I hear the `pain` LOL! And fwiw, I think fashion is taking a bigger role in our appreciation of diamonds, which sort of makes it hard to just `stand still`!!!!

    I too have been road testing different shapes and styles. I did have a beautiful 3 c. ec diamond that was extreemly pleasing to the eye, clean and white......but I gave it up because I wasnt sure if I would miss the sparkle. I have always second guessed this decision!!!!:crybaby:

    I have gone back to wanting a round because I cant decide between the fancies. To be honest, I could probably find it in my heart to adopt many different diamonds, and learn to love them all!!!:tup:
  10. What is the difference between a simulated diamond and a CZ?
  11. The sim diamond is chemically/molecularly the same as a "natural" (mined) diamond, minus the years and years spent in compression within a mountain (and much cheaper since the diamonds aren't mined). A CZ is a different stone altogether - chemically/molecularly.
  12. diamond simulant can be any stone that is intended to imitate a diamond (white sapphire, cubic zirconia, moissanite, white zircon, crystal etc.)

    There are also synthetic diamonds (like those made by the Gemesis and Apollo companies) which are chemically identical to diamond but made in special machines. As far as i know the companies are focusing on synthetic colored diamonds (yellows, pinks etc.) enabling customers to get a rare-looking diamond for a lot less than a natural fancy color.

    I recently watched a documentary(Diamond Road) where Debeers/DTC has a machine now that distinguishes the machine-grown from the earth-grown varieties.
  13. Sounds yummy!:drool: Ok, I love the adopt-a-diamond idea too! :yes:
  14. I bought simulated diamond studs, because I am terrified of losing my real ones. They're set in platinum and look identical to real diamonds. I love them for everyday wear.

    If you are concerned about conflict diamonds, but want a natural stone, tanzanite and white topaz are good options. You can get some really nice white topaz rings for <$200.
  15. Has anyone purchased from the company Carat? They make simulated/synthetic diamonds. They look pretty good but I haven't heard much about this company.