Sims Pets

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  1. Oh my gosh, you guys, I'm awfully embarrassed to admit this.

    My boyfriend bought me Sims 2 (because it's required for the Sims Pets) and Sims Pets as a joke because I'm obsessed with pets. Now I am totally addicted.

    Does anyone else play Sims pets??? I'm beginning to like my virtual cat better than my real one which is SAD! My real one can't use the toilet! LOL
  2. OMG, I love the Sims!!!

    I have all of the Sims games, up to Seasons (can't wait until the new VACA one comes out!!!!) - but I don't have Uni installed because something's wrong with my Uni disk.

    The pets are so cute!!!
  3. It's especially cute when you "mate" the pets and they have babies!!!
  4. I had the original Sims game along with the pets expansion pack and the magic expansion pack, and it was BIG fun. I was addicted to the Sims until my household got roaches. I was like, "Why the HECK would they put roaches in a game like this?" And I'm terrified of roaches, even computer generated ones. Where were they coming from, anyway? Microsoft Word? So I stopped playing the Sims. If I could figure out a way to guarantee no roaches at my Sims' house, I'd probably play again. I replaced the Sims with the Sims 2, and then the Sims 2 with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3/Wild/Soaked. I like to walk around my park and ride the rides I build.
  5. I'm afraid to try this. I know I would be addicted.

    That's funny about the roaches!! :roflmfao:
  6. You have to keep your house clean to get rid of the roaches LOL!
    I was addicted to SIMS & SIMS2....but it was seriously too addicting so I quit!!! Now I have tPF!
  7. I love the Sims!! I have every expansion/stuff pack of the first and second one. I haven't played it in a while though... I keep saying to myself "I'll play it tonight" but I never do. I always end up on TPF!! lol
  8. I don't have SIMS pets but I do have Zoo Tycoon. Talk about addicting. Although once I get my Zoo up and running and everything is going great, it gets a little boring so I take down all the animal enclosures and let the carnivores eat the visitors! :roflmfao:
  9. Lol yeah I was once a really INTENSE Zoo Tycoon addict and id do the same thing!:roflmfao:
  10. And call the exterminator!!
  11. OMG THE SIMS should have a warning on ther I would be on it all day! The day goes by soo fast. I have the sims pets for Nntendo DS.I got it because I wanted a small breed so bad, but I was busy will college. I loved it but I have a puppy of my own now so I stoped playing it. I think I collected every SIMS I just need to get the new H&M expansion.
  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sims!!! I had installed it a while ago and my comp crashed (not because of Sims), and just never got to installing it again. But I did just last night, and I'm building away. But I have to admit I cheat for more money so I can get the nicer things.
  13. I love the Sims! But I haven't played it for a while - any computer time I get I'm on tPF instead. I have all the Sims One collection, and I bought Sims 2 but I didn't like it very much - I'm not good with games that are really 3D looking.
  14. I LOVE Sims!! My FH and I created ourselves...I didn't know you could get Sims pets now!!

    I used to be obsessed with that game. But you're right about it getting boring after your zoo is built and all.. I didn't let my animals eat the visitors lmao but I did let the lions eat the gazelles :rolleyes: lol!