Simpsons Avatars?

  1. Does any know where I can get one of these? I have seen a few members with them and they look so cool!

  2. go to
    and you need a very clear picture of yourself that is 600x400 pixels
  3. Thanks!!!!! :flowers: Will check it out now!
  4. I was hoping to see everyone's simpsonized pics (avatars)...

    Here is mine :graucho:
  5. I went through the whole thang but my image didn't save!! Grrr...trying again.
  6. I love these things!
  7. OK, finally got it to work and decided to dress up a little, LOL.
  8. I cant wait to do mine.
  9. he, and my family here...
  10. Here's mine :smile:
  11. Lol, I tried to use that thing, but it came out all wrong - probably because I didn't have any good picture though, but still .. :p oh well, I'll try again
  12. Yay, I figured it out, and this one actually remotely look like me too!
  13. haha mine's ok.. i think i'll do mine again later.
  14. I'm still working on my hairstyle...this one's a little too 1994 Jennifer Aniston shag, lol.
  15. Here's mine!