1. Has anyone ever been to this site? They sell the Tano Cookie Bucket that I wan, but I am a little weary because i've never heard or used tham before. TIA!
  2. Well, you could call them. Apparently they have an actual real-world store... And two phone numbers! Local and 800...
  3. Im sorry that I can't give you 100% answer. But I checked "" for you & they are NOT on their "no sale" list.

    I also want to thank you for putting me on to Tano I really like their bags. I had never heard of them.
  4. You can email to confirm that they are legit. Aslo make sure they have a good return policy in case you dont like the item.

    I noticed that they list the cookie bucket in 1 color only: "carribean blue." The cookie bucket is made of cloud leather, which only came in one shade of blue: celeste. Carribean blue is in the pallette of crunch leather. If you want the carribean blue crunch leather version of this bucket, it's #9897 (the BOOGIE bucket.)
  5. they actually had it in white yesterday, so I ordered it & then they emailed me today saying that the last white had sold in the store that morning :sad: I really love that bag for the summer & can't find it anywhere else!