Simply Vera by Vera Wang now at!

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  1. I haven't shopped there since high school, but just a heads up that the Vera Wang stuff went up today, and it's lovely! They're supposed to be adding more as time goes on, too.

    I finally got an order placed, but it took several tries. The site has been a little off since the Vera clothes and accessories were added.
  2. I just got back form Kohls. The merchandise is reasonably priced and does not look cheap at all. I was a little dispappointed b/c 3 things I wanted were sold out in my size....
  3. the stuff looks great!
  4. WOW! I'm shocked! I have to visit the store and check it out.
  5. Home[​IMG] Accessories[​IMG] Simply Vera Vera Wang Large Soft Satchel
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    [​IMG] I love this large soft satchel!!
  6. I just placed my order and I'm hoping it went through. But the website was a real pain because it kept kicking out all the items in my basket.
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