Simply IMPRESSIVE! I wish I had the money

  1. I'd love an LV trunk, i'd use it for a coffee table.
  2. Wowwie! I could use that as my closet, lol!
  3. Sweeet! My fiance saw these in the London store and even *he* wanted one.
  4. ahhh!~ if only i could afford it. =(
  5. Very cool!!
  6. whats the retail on this?

  7. That is the most fabulous idea that I've hear all day!
  8. I am in love! *swoons* :love:
  9. Simply beautiful!!!
  10. My god... that is beautiful. I hope someday I could afford something like that :love:
  11. What luxury!!! Wow!! I'm speechless. I want one waahhhhhhhh.....:crybaby: :crybaby:
  12. Wow!!! If I die, I'd like to be buried in a coffin in something like that!!!!
  13. Same here!
  14. Yeah, they have it on display in Selfridges, too. I want it. :smile: