simply great or simply gross?

  1. I'm dreaming of the red (vermillion? lipstick red) croc wallet I saw tonight at NYC Hermes.

    All my bags are black or gold or combos....would it be gross to use it with my black bags.....or chic?:rolleyes:
  2. ooh, ooh, ooh...except I could wear it with the vert anis ostrich Birkin I'm gonna get in a couple weeks!! Yeah?
  3. I like red with these tones... :yes:
  4. Red would be lovely with those colors.
  5. Even the gold? i can see the vert anis and gold together...but red and gold? maybe..i do like the fall season's basically the same thing, right?
  6. I think S'Mom has a pic w/ a rouge wallet and black/neutral/brown bags...including a gold birkin?
  7. Pics, please! :yes:
  8. I just peeked at that thread but I didn't see any wallets in I need to dig further? there's an awful lot of pages! :balloon:
  9. I think the red would look fine if not great with the black and gold colored bags.

    I'm iffy on the Vert Anis though...I keep thinking of Christmas....
  10. Actually, on 2nd thought I kind of like the color clash a little, it's like each H item is fighting for attention :lol:
  11. Just wanted to point out that it's okay to have a little color in your bag. I think the red would be fine with the red and gold, or any other neutral for that matter. The vert anis, well, the wallet will not be dangling outside your bag and you will only be whipping the wallet out on occasion.
  12. look at flossy figaro's avatar. it's very catchy! red and green reminds me of watermelons.
  13. for the vert anis I have a black wallet I can use....or a pink fuschia croc bearn :wlae: you guys are feeding the flames here!!!

  14. Oh wow! I love it! Get it!!