Simpleplan, I made your mushrooms...

  1. for an apetizer for thanksgiving and they were a hit!!! Thank you for the recipe!!
  2. i made them too..everyone lOVed Them!! tHanks Simple!!
  3. OMG! I am so GLAD!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    VERY WELSOME indeed!!
  4. Aw that's great guys! I wish I could make them for my family, but my brother's really gung ho on a diet right now (he already lost like 40 pounds in 2 months). I miss being able to cook for him LOL. Now all he eats are sandwiches at EVERY MEAL.

    The mushrooms sound absolutely delicious though. Maybe I'll cook them for myself one day lol.
  5. I made simpleplans Creamcheesecrab Wontons and they were delicious. I ate them all by myself (about 40 of them).
  6. We love the mushroooms!!! House FAV for sure!
  7. Party hit here too!
  8. Aww..I feel so happy!
    Thanks for being brave enough to try my ladies rock!!!
  9. Yeah, you're telling me, I gain like 5 lbs eating all this stuff I make in one evening..
    oh well, diet-shmietttt!!! I'll watch what I eat AFTER the holidays..(NOT) :p
  10. Oh I am definitely going to try them sometime then! Maybe for Christmas when I go back to the NW and visit the family! :tup:
  11. cool! :smile:have a safe trip!
  12. Thanks! Your recipes are awesome!! :tup: