Simple way to have bag authenticated

  1. Take the bag to your nearest Hermes and ask to have it sent in to be cleaned.
    They will send it to NY, Paris, or the nearest Hermes with a repair service.
    You will soon find out the truth, as they will not clean a fake.
  2. or ask to have your initials put in it then you only have to give it up for a short time I think
  3. You are are both exactly right. If you ever want to be absolutely sure your bag is authentic, just send it to Hermes.
    If you ask Hermes to refurbish or to emboss your initials they will only service your bag if it's authentic.
    It will cost you $75 for the cleaning and it's well worth it. I don't know if they charge to emboss your bag. I have known several people to have their bags cleaned and initials embossed to be absolutely sure.
  4. The embossing is free of charge! (It was heat-stamping the way I chose to have it done) It may cost you if you want like a mural painted on there or something :P
  5. Nice to see you here, Createurs! :flowers:
  6. Where do they usually place the initials? Any where you want?
  7. yah, i plan on bringing my drag bag when I get it to be cleaned as well..... then I know for sure it is legit.... thanks for this info..
  8. Yes, but that is not without having already spent '000s of $$$ and not being able to get your money back when it's confiscated and destroyed by Hermes. This is the warning that needs to be put forward to readers reading this post. Otherwise, some folks may think this is the simplest authentication method and jump into buying a Birkin or Kelly from any reseller, and getting burned. They should only go to reputable resellers.
  9. Or just buy it at Hermes. :flowers:
  10. Ditto! If a person's willing to pay that much anyway, why not just buy it from the real source, jmho:smile: .
  11. Hermes will not take your bag and destroy it if you brought a fake bag to be cleaned. I have heard of women taking their bags in thinking they were authentic. Hermes will simply say, "I am sorry we are unable to clean this bag because it is not ours", and simply return the bag.
    I have only heard of distributers getting their inventory destroyed.
    The only reason anyone would ever buy a bag outside of Hermes is because they could not get a bag they wanted or a certain color. (and if they didn't want to wait years for a particular bag) There would be no other reason for a person to seek out a reseller and pay the higher prices if they were able to buy it directly from Hermes.
  12. I had a chat with our house craftsman a few days ago & he suggested that the initials be placed on the strap that's without the year stamp & craftsman ID. He can do it in gold or silver stamping to match your hardware color, or just plain heat stamping.

    I have also heard of some people having the initials placed inside the bag, above the zippered pocket.
  13. That's interesting info. Thanx Gigi.
  14. I had my initials stamped below the gold hardware on the flap.

    You can have them stamped anywhere but the Beverly Hills store has equipment that only reached that point on the flap (I had asked for it to be placed above the hardware). She asked if I wanted to have it shipped to NYC to get the stamp where I wanted it but I told her it was no big deal and to do it this way. Now, I love the way it looks.
  15. Croissant, I love how you did yours. Very understated & classy.