Simple vs. Decollete. Which and why?

  1. Do you prefer one over the other? Why?

    I am in love with the decollete style. I think the rounded pointy toe cleavage showing style is so sexy, and still nice enough to wear with a suit and not look like a hussy (I can't imagine wearing pigalles to court, hence they are not a part of my poll).

    But I know there are some die hard fans of the simple, so I'm interested to hear opinions.


  2. Oops--I tried to post a poll, but my internet is too slow.
  3. I love both of them, but I prefer the simple because I can walk in it more comfortably. I have tried on the decollete and wanted it so bad, but the heel height has prevented me from getting it.
  4. I think they are both gorgeous shoes, but Simples are cut wider IMO (bit more room in the toe box) and since Simples come in the lower heel heights, I think they are a more versatile shoe. I think if you mostly sit at work, the Decollete would be fine, but overall I would choose the Simple if it's a work shoe. The Simple 85 is one of my work faves.
  5. I do think the decolletes are prettier but the simples are really the best compromise between sexy, classy and comfortable!
  6. I love both, but I think simples trump the decolettes. :amuse: They are more versatile and comfy. Decolettes are so sexy though. I love them in black patent. :tup:
  7. Simple because they are much more comfortable on my feet.
  8. Decollete!
    They are absolutely sexier than the Simple.
  9. decollete .. because the cut is so beautiful.

    I dont think I will ever buy any simples because they are a bit boring to me I would rather spend my money on the more glamourous styles of CL. My vote is for decollete all the way and I think the key is getting the right size to achieve best comfort.
  10. I think the Decolettes win in looks, the Simples in feel, but only by a tiny bit. I have both and wear the Simples for work. They are more conservative with the higher vamp and rounded toe. Its best feature is the thin heel, and in the 100's, is the only thing that keeps it from looking too matronly for me. The decolette's are overall classy and sexy, and as long as I go up 1/2 size, the feel is pretty good too.
  11. Decollete!!! will always hear me saying this. I just LOVE the cut of the decollete, it's so sexy. I agree with ledaatomica, it's really not painful if you get the right size. I got the decollete zeppas in a 40.5...and those hurt like crazy. But I finally went and got the regular Decollete, I tried on a 41, still hurt, went up to a 41.5, and they are wonderful now! The slightly pointed toe makes the shoe a lot more sexy than the simple. I tried the simple too...but I picked the decollete instead.
  12. Are you able to try both styles on, and several sizes in the Decollete?

    The Decollete is a hot style--no doubt about it. You really need to be able to try several sizes on to find the most comfortable option.

    Simples are wonderful, especially if you are on your feet a lot. They aren't as hot as the Decolletes, but they're still a beautiful shoe.

    HEY--get BOTH!!!! :nuts:
  13. I've got both - and whilst the simples are more comfortable I don't adore them the way I do my red karey Decolletes. That said I find the Decolletes a nightmare in sizing - I got them up a half a size so the length is right but the toe box is very cramped, if I go up another half size they are too long :push: Need to invest in a shoe stretcher. Depends if you're more into comfort or looks, although both in CLs are very personal.

    Buy both and find out :upsidedown:
  14. Decollete all the way! They are such a sexy shoe, yet pretty at the same time. The cut is just nicer, IMO.
  15. I love the Simples for comfort and think they're a good basic, but the Decolletes are sexier!