Simple Spicy chicken chow fun (rice noodle)**PICS**

  1. I actually had time to take pics while cooking, geesh, it was harder than I thought!!

    Here are the ingredients:
    Chicken breast, chiles
    browned bean sprouts
    fresh Rice noodle
    green onion, garlic, cilantro and saw leaf herb (has a lemony grass tart finish) sometimes I use fresh basil and chives instead.

    Cook quick on high flame- less than 10 minutes.
    All you need here is 2 pinches salt and 2 flicks of fresh ground pepper..all the flavors really work well and compliment
    each other...and you can substitute any type noodle :smile:
  2. That looks really yummy!
  3. that looks so good!
  4. That look delicious !! I am going to try it!!
    Do you put all the ingredients in at once ??
  5. Oh yummm! I'm so trying that!
  6. You need to:
    cook the bean sprouts seperately set aside..
    cook chicken add greens, set aside..
    cook noodle, then add the rest!

    A great addition would be to fry some scrambled aggs, set it aside then add it at the very last step.
    The color and flavor will complete this.

    The key is to have everything evenly cooked, and not
    to overcook any of these..Have fun!!:heart:
  7. Oh my. I got hungry after looking at these pics :drool:
  8. another one of your yummy post. i am going to try this one soon. thanks!
  9. That looks really good right now.. I'm hungry LOL.
  10. Gosh, that looks divine!!!!

    i love chow fun noodles!!
  11. That looks delicious!!! The other dish you made looked awesome too!!! Can't wait to see more! You are making me hungry.
  12. That looks so good. I'm getting hungry!
  13. Yaay thanks everyone!!:heart::heart:
  14. OOo wow! this looks sooo YUMMY! I will be trying this out very soon.... Thanks!!!
  15. Did you have to soak the noodles in water first?