SIMPLE Shrimp and Snowpea stir fry ***PICS***

  1. Okay one more post b4 I go to work!
    You'll need:

    Large shrimp, orange bells, green onion, chile and garlic black bean paste (buy it jarred) no need for salt or pepper
    Cook snow peas seperately, then add together, on high flame
    less than 10 minutes cooking time.
    Serve with steamed rice or pasta/noodle!

    .... if you have any suggestions or requests I can try cooking it and I'll post pics and let you know how it turns out.
    I'll post pics maybe tomorrow of spinach ravioli I made with chicken breast, fresh tomatoes, grilled enoki mushroom, topped with a garlic butter cream sauce. These are my summery dishes, wait till winter when it gets really fatty..(woohoo!!)
  2. thanks looks really yummy-and i LOVE illustrated recipes :dothewave:.

    thanks so much!
  3. Looks great and healthy! My kinda food.
  4. Thanks! Your recipes look great!
  5. This looks sooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. wow. it looks good!!

    the chile - is that chile paste? like the one in the bottle too?
  7. mmmm... looks so yummy. Can you come cook for me? ha ha.
  8. That looks really good! :drool: Love shrimp
  9. Oh, they are the green chiles (fresh) but you can also get a spicy black bean pate if you prefer that works well too!
  10. ^ oh yeah i saw it now on one of the pics above.. my bad :sweatdrop:
  11. That looks sooo delcious. Thanks for sharing
  12. omg! i just ate not too long ago and looking at your pictures is making me hungry again. i love garlic black bean sauce! your shrimp and snow peas looks soooo yummy. thanks for sharing this with us!
  13. I saw your other post......

    can you come to my house and cook for me? lol

  14. This looks oh so good.
  15. That looks delish.....
    Just a little suggestion. If you devein the shrimps before stirfry them, it will make better presentation I think. Try it :smile: