Simple Question

Feb 28, 2006
Northern VA
I think I'm getting the legacy should bag this weekend in white leather. I have a white leather mini skinny. My question the legacy the same leather as the mini b/c I've had my mini for awhile & it's been through everything & it's held up really good. Thanks.

Bo Regard

Oct 22, 2006
I was told by the sa that it is very durable and will hold up beautifully. No leather cleaner, just rub any spots. She said it should be fine in the rain but that she covers her bag with her rain jacket. Hope that helps.


Sep 6, 2006
it's not the same leather.

the leather from the legacy is a bit different and if you've seen the ladies with the previous legacy bags in white and what happened to them (it turned yellowish) then that's supposedly what is going to happen b/c it's vachetta. but i doubt it, i think those ladies cleaned it or something b/c i've used mine almost everyday for more then a month now. and so far, nothing.

what has happened though, is the denim ink from my jeans has transferred over, soap and water has helped some, and rubbing a little too, but overall, it just is there.'

i'm more careful not to use that bag when i'm wearing those particular jeans now.

bo_regard, it is very durable but color wise i wouldn't recommend white unless you don't care (like me) or you are very careful (like some of my customers) or you don't use it often.

b/c white, no matter what, eventually does get dirty if you're not safe.

and this leather you can't even clean it!

i almost convinced myself the whiskey or black version when my turnlock broke and they were going to give me a new bag.

but i just love white.

Jen Loves LV

Aug 19, 2006
I ended up with that bag in black, i really wanted the white but the SA said that if i was worried about dirt and if i'd be carrying it often, it was not the bag for me :sad: