Simple pump versus Mia pump - ???

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  1. Dear All,

    When I post on this forum, it's usually at Hermes Sub-forum.
    However, I LOVE the CL and have a question for his experts here.
    I became a big Christian Louboutin's fan lately (after being - and continue - a loyal Manolo Blahnik's for around 12 years). I specially like CL's round toe pumps (very comfortable, classic and more modern, IMO). I really like them with long jeans... I am curious - what is the difference between the Simple pump (for example, in 85mm) and Mia pump (also 85mm)? I have called the NYC boutique and was told that they are identical, "it's just Barneys NYC is using this name - "Mia pump". The do look similar, but perhaps the heel's shape if different?
    Anybody here is familiar with both?
    I would greatly appreciate any information!

  2. XNPLO,

    Thank you very much!!!