Simple pump too simple?


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Jun 16, 2008
In my closet
I noticed that barney's has the python simples back up and the more I look at it, the less appealing it is to me. I think it's the toe-box? It's just so simple (even if it is python). I even find that ron rons are a bit simple unless the color is something to look at. Is that just me?

I can't decide (like I need to be) which pair to get. I like the purple ron rons (too simple?) and I like the green glitter simple (too low?). Darn these pretty shoes!



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Jan 11, 2008
Have to admit I am the same - I haven't fallen in :heart: with the Simple or RonRon.

I have 1 pair of black kid Simples which are not my most attractive CLs but are the pair I go to when I know I'm going to be on my feet all day. They are classic and practical, even if they don't make my heart beat faster when I open the box.

I have one pair of RonRons and to be honest they are a poor girl's Decollete for me i.e. I bought them because I couldn't get the finish I wanted in the Decollete. If I find the Decollete then the RonRons are history :shrugs: Having said that, the purple colour is an absolute knock out :tup: and of the 2 pairs below I would opt for that over the green glitter (I'd struggle with what to wear with the green and be afraid of the glitter coming off)


Nov 3, 2008
New York, NY
I'll always have a special place in my :heart: for simples since they're the first pair I ever bought myself over a year ago. But they're my basic work/interview shoe. Now I definitely prefer declic or rolando for a "basic" pump.
Of the two you posted, I actually like the ron ron better, but only because I think it's more practical and that purple color is gorgeous!


Oct 16, 2008
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I feel that way about simples 2. I dont have any (and dont plan on getting any) because they are just too simple. Ron rons are similar but the cut has small differences that are noticeable when u r looking closley. if i get any ron rons, they would be my most simple shoe. IMO, i would choose the ron rons over the simples


Apr 26, 2008
when i think simples, i think comfort (i think they are comfortable???!!!) but plain. I like me shoes to pop!!! maybe one day I'll buy a simpler pair but i think decollettes would be my first choice. Or who knows, i might one day try on a pair of simples and be lost to their comfort forever....not yet though x


Jan 10, 2008
get the puple ron rons!! I have them in a 85mm heel ans the colour is fab!!!


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Dec 19, 2006
I'll have to agree that both the Simple and RonRon are very simple. Getting a pair is dependent on having a standout color or material. I only have the Simple in roccia python and the Simple with MJ strap the Wallis in black patent. Plenty of members have several pairs of Simples in pretty colors, but that doesn't tempt me. I don't like the Ron Ron either. For me, it's too simple and cutesy. The classic pump that I consider my go to would be the Clichy. It's as comfortable if not more comfortable than the Simple and I love the shape.

Lady Vee

Aug 8, 2008
I would go glitter green because it is fun, if you have that kind of active clubbing nightlife - otherwise they may just sit in their box. I am not keen on simples, as you say, just too simple for me - though great for certain jobs as they have a very practical heel height.

Ronrons are nice but between the two - well I would always go spangly!


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Jan 5, 2009
I think both the Simples and Ron Ron's are classic. I have the Simples in a cream color and the Ron Ron's in camel and I love them both. Out of all my CL's my fiance prefers the simples. Maybe you should get the green simples if you want some pop.


Feb 18, 2007
I'm probably one of the few supporters here for the Simples. For me it's not only classic but also very comfortable. Comfy is really important for me because I wear my shoes to work and I need them to be endurable and practical in additional to being beautiful :smile:

I also think that true artist can create unique beauty even in the simplest format and this is what differentiates them from mediocre ones. Till now I just have one pair of metallic python simples and pink patent Ron Rons and I :heart: them.

As for your choice, I'd say go for the purple Ron Rons.


Aug 4, 2008
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I say go for the ronrons - the purple is really pretty!

I'm not a fan of simples myself - you might look for a pair of new simples? I love mine and probably wear them the most often because even though the heels are high, they are comfy.


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May 24, 2006
Whenever I saw the Simple before, it never appealed to me, either. Then I tried on a pair last night in nude, and I was quite impressed. They certainly won't be the shoes I wear when I want to stand out, but for the price (relatively compared to other CLs) and the comfort, they're keepers, IMO.

Then again, it depends on what kind of shoe collection you want. If you want your clothes and jewelry to stand out and your shoes to just complement them, then Simples are good for you. If you want your shoes to do the talking, then you might want something else. If you want a large collection and you want pairs of shoes that stand out and pairs that complement, I think it'd be a good idea to include Simples.