simple pump question

  1. let me just start by saying that they are comfy and look gorgeous. :yes: i have 75mm Blue Patent, 80mm Magenta, and 100mm Python and love all of them to death. since Saks EGC event is coming up, i need to know whether i should order more or wait.

    my question is: do the classic colors ever go on sale, excluding patent leather? camel, nude, black, brown?

    thanks ladies :heart:
  2. anyone? please?
  3. i can't answer for the US but over here in HK they don't. The only simples that went on sale in HK are in fuchsia, green and grey. I've been told that classics never go on sale...same for most big brands. Hope that helps
  4. catabie - I have never seen simple pumps in the basic colors like black, camel, brown go on sale. However, I have heard about other ladies from TPF that were able to find their black simples on sale. Although, I don't believe that is the norm.
  5. Yeah, I heard that the simple pump was in such high demand that the first 20,000 pairs weren't enough! I also heard (or read) somewhere that the simple pump is the shoe CL has produced the most of, and they STILL can't keep up with demand.

    That would lead me to believe that they'll never go on sale until they're out of style, which we all know they won't ever ;).
  6. Sounds like you have a great colleciton of simple pumps catabie. I believe if you're going to do the simple pump, you gotta do it up. Get one with a bold color or texture and it's even sweeter if they are on sale, however, I agree, I do not think it is the norm that the classic colors go on sale. I myself have the simple in python, and I want to add more, but in the 100mm heel.
  7. Have you ladies ever seen a patent dark grey simple pump in 100mm?
  8. nope. but they don't carry that many styles here in Hong Kong
  9. Unfortunately, the simples are usually not on sale because there is such a high demand for them. Every CL lover has at least one pair of simples, right?? They are officially the best shoe Mr. Louboutin has ever created IMO. I have seen black patent simples on sale before but only once.
  10. I love simples, they are really great
  11. are simple pumps just as comfy as his wedges???
  12. I think they are even more comfy!
  13. really ????
  14. Please don't flame me b/c I ask this in earnest, but what's the fasination with these shoes? I mean they are cute and, well, "simple." With all the fervor over the Simples in this forum, I feel like I *need* to get a pair or I'll be missing out. Maybe there's something I'm not seeing.
  15. Smurfet - you're right, the shoe is rather simple but it is a great basic shoe that works well with many outfits but the best quality of the simple pump is that it is extremely comfortable. Even the 4" heel is very easy to walk in and for me at least, my feet don't hurt at the end of the day.