Simple Pump or New Simple Pump in white?

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  1. My favorite CL styles are the Simple Pump (100) and New Simple Pump (120). I'd love to get a pair of one of these in white (regular leather or patent leather). Anyone know if CL ever made this variation? I haven't found any doing online research. Thanks! :smile:
  2. It was done a few years ago I think 2010 for weddings.
  3. Thanks! I'll keep my eye out on ebay in case one pops up.
  4. The Simple was available a couple of years ago, at least I saw it in the authorised retailer in my country (i'm in Europe and it's not a boutique). It was patent.
  5. ifinena, that's exactly what I want (make it a New Simple Pump, and I'd be even more delighted). I'll keep my eyes peeled. Thanks!
  6. What size are you in the Simples?
  7. 39.5 or 39. I can get into both.
  8. The Simple can be special ordered in white leather. I just inquired through a boutique yesterday.
  9. Ooh, I hadn't thought of that. I'll talk to my boutique tomorrow about the possibility. Thanks!

  10. Cool! Let me know how your quest turns out. I'm debating getting the You You 100, Yo Yo 85 and the VP 120. All white. The height in either shouldn't be an issue. I have the Yo Yo 85 (in Camel) and I had the VP 120 (in Black with Red toe). The Yo Yo 85 will definitely be more practical for me but I'm considering the VP and You You with the higher heels just for sexiness. Decisions, decisions, decisions...
  11. I remember New Simple in white patent. Also, in bone patent.
  12. An update for you helpful ladies :smile:

    I tried on a pair of Pigalles in white shiny python 100mm this weekend (pics can be seen at,default,pd.html) and fell in love. I ordered a pair of them and can't wait to enjoy them. I really wanted a pair of white Loubs, and these are gorgeous.

    And because I was still longing for white Louboutins, I also got a pair of white mesh Mademoiselle Marchands for more casual looks.