Simple Pump in Python

  1. I know this may be a long shot, but do you ladies think I have any chance of finding the Simple Pump in python? It's one of my HG shoes. I am still kicking myself for not buying them at Saks when I had the chance last summer. My SA did not have them in a 41 at the time, so I didn't order them.

    Has anyone seen them lately at their local Saks, NM, etc.? Or is my only resort eBay? :push:

  2. Are you looking for the natural roccia python? If so, CL Madison just received them recently. Try giving them a ring.
  3. ^^^Not sure which ones you are looking for as well, but CL Horatio has them in black python.
  4. Thank you, Kamilla and asha! I am looking for the natural roccia python. I'll call tomorrow :nuts:
  5. Oooh, I just thought of something. Don't the boutiques have a no return or exchange policy? I'd hate to purchase them and have them not fit correctly. I am almost 100 percent sure I would wear a 41, since I tried the 40 and it was way too tight.

    Is this true about the boutiques?
  6. No problem Christina. You can usually return/exchange within 14 days of purchase. It might be 7 days actually...need to find one of my receipts. I have gotten away with returning for exchange well after the policy time frame, BUT I buy a lot from the boutique so it's kind of a special exception thing. They know I'm going to turn around and buy something else so my SA has done it for me in the past. lol

    I'm sure the 41 will be fine. What size are you US?
  7. Thank you so very much for the info, asha! You're a wealth of Louboutin knowledge ;)

    I normally wear a US 9, but all Louboutins, when I try them on, run super small on me unless they're slingbacks. I'm TTS in slingback styles, and usually a 40.5 or 41 in pumps. I tried on the python simples in a 40 and I couldn't even get my entire foot in the shoe :lol: I'll call CL Madison tomorrow and see what I can find (crossing fingers!).

    If you or anyone else knows of other stores I can track them down at, let me know :nuts:
  8. Hi, Saks boston also has them , you should have SAKS put them on locator for you, Im sure they can find your size, good luck !
  9. :nuts: !!! I will call my SA tomorrow and have him try to locate them at the Boston store. Two leads! This is great.

    LOL sometimes it seems as if the hunt for the shoes is part of the fun :p
  10. The Simples in Python are gorgeous!!!!
  11. Good luck. If you find them please post pics.
  12. ;)
    ;) Anytime
  13. Shoe hunting is always fun. It is so much sweeter when you work hard to track down a shoe. Thanks to everyone here at the CL forum for being so helpful.

    Good luck in your Python hunt...I am sure you will be successful.:yes:
  14. A million thanks to Natassha, who posted about the Boston Saks lead! My python Simple Pumps are on their way to me :nuts: I spoke with a nice SA named Juna, who let me know she had one pair left in a 41! Of course I ordered them immediately. I really hope they fit and that they're comfortable. Pictures to come when they arrive :graucho:
  15. Cristina, sounds like the 41 should be fine. I am excited for you because this is a gorgeous shoe! For me, the simple pump needs to be done up and the roccia python is the right touch of "oomph." I hope you find it as comfortable as I do. Can't wait to see pics.