Simple Pump 70 or 85mm ?

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  1. #1 Jul 12, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2016
    Hello all,

    First post here....
    I recently bought my wife some Louboutin Pigale 100mm in black.
    I/she knew that 100mm was very high for her and that it will probably only be used a few hours in a row...

    I however wanted to buy my wife some Louboutin she could wear all day and was thinking the model Simple pump would be a good idea and probably more durable than i.e. the Pigale.

    Now, there are IMHO 2 options for my wife, the 85mm or the 70mm.
    I have little doubts that the 70mm would be more comfortable but do they still look nice ?

  2. Are you/she going for more comfort or for looks? Being that you have the Pigalle 100, I think adding the Simple in 70 or 85 would be good. Both styles are classics. The Pigalle 100 can serve as a dressier, sexier option at night and the Simple in either the 70 or 85 can be more casual day wear. If you want the Simple to have more flexibility as day or night wear with comfort, I'd opt for the Simple 85. Since the Simple has such a basic silhouette, I prefer to have some height to give it more wow factor. That's just my preference. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your response,
    Do you know/believe that the Simple in 85mm are still much more "comfortable" than the Pigalle 100mm ?
  4. Yes, the simple 85 is definitely more comfortable than the pigalle 100. It has a more generous toe box and the heel is lower. I agree with Lavenderice, the 85 has wow factor and transitions nicely day into night.
  5. So the 70mm does not look "attractive" ?
  6. It is attractive, but the 85 appears dressier since the heel is higher.
  7. Thanks to all,

    Seems the 85mm is the way to go but I still have difficulties making up my mind on thoese instead of the 70mm.
    Does anybody have pictures on how the 70mm looks once on feets ?

  8. sorry I can't help-I have since sold my lower simples, I only have the 100s now.
  9. New simples in 85 are another good option if you want more height but still get some 'comfort' factor in them. They have platform at the front which makes the pitch of the heel slightly less steep than the regular simples.
  10. I love the simple 70mm and own both black and nude. Super comfy and they look great as the heel is nice and thin.

    I would get the 70mm for an everyday shoe. I had the 85mm and it is not as comfy.

    I would not get the new simple with the platform. I think the thick platform makes the toe box look out of proportion for such a classic beautiful feminine pump.

    Good luck!
  11. My vote would be for the 70mm
  12. I own both a simple 70 and 85 in black patent. I like the way the 85 looks on much better, but I still end up wearing the 70 every time never fails. I say get the 70, its so comfortable and still looks good on.
  13. hi all - I don't want to hijack this thread, but I have a bit of a similar question but then for the pigalle or decolleté 85mm - any idea what would be the more comfortable option? Is there a very big difference with the 100mm heels? Or alternatively, as they just are sexier, are there any 100mm versions that more or equally comfortable than any of those two 85mm pigalle or decolleté?
    thanks !
  14. I have the simple 70mm in black suede and love it. I previously tried them on in leather and patent, leather looked a bit conservative, patent was much better but they didn't have my size. I highly recommend them in suede.
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